Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


  • Fix for tooltip position
  • Removes double extension on .css
  • Removes file extension getting passed in param
  • Removes unneeded Directory Separator
  • Fix z-index for menu behind article
  • Adds misisng responsive Utilities
  • Removes favicon to prevent getting overwritten

Changed Files

  • css/theme.css
  • templateDetails.xml
  • framework/less/bootstrap.less
  • includes/template.php
  • framework/functions.php
  • less/bridge.less


v3.0.2 - Now requires the Zenbridge plugin for bootstrap support

Updated 25 Sept 13

  • Updated to use the new Zen Bridge plugin for improved bootstrap support.
  • Minor chnages to less files based on implementation of Bootstrap
  • Added support for menu fade 
  • Fixed missing language strings
Updated Files
  • templateDetails.xml
  • framework folder
  • added img folder
  • language folder


  • Updated to fix non collapsing right hand module.
Updated Files
- Framework folder


Released to be compatible with Joomla 3 via the Zen Grid Bridge framework.

Please read this blog post for further information.


Initial Release