Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


  • Fix position of slideshow arrows
  • fix duplicate carets on toggle menu
  • Fix media query backwards compatibility
  • Fix for one page link to main content
  • Fix for one page menu not closing offcanvas


  • Remove favicon to avoid overwriting
  • Fixes accordion behaviour
  • Front end edit css
  • Fixes font display
  • Fix accordion not closing in sidebar-1
  • Fix ie8.js error

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • js/template.js
  • less/frontend-edit.less
  • less/template.less
  • tpls/blocks/head.php


  • Fix for 0 appearing in search module after Joomla update
  • Reset modal links

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • html/mod_search/default.php
  • less/layout/base.less 


v1.0 Initial Release