Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


Fix for file name issue which prevented rendering in Joomla 1.5



Updated for compatibility with Joomla 3.0



Fix for display in ie8 when columns are used. 



Fix for the word break causing a javascript conflict

Better defaults on initial install.



Configured fetch properly so that if the user is filtering tweets it still returns the number of tweets set via the count parameter.



Added drag and drop templating

Scroller and pagination mode

Two new themes available

Added tweet refresh

Added ability to just list favourites

Added reply, favourite and retweet buttons

Intelligent admin

Fixed Multi-user mode.



Adds Spanish language files to the core package. Thanks to Gnumax for his contribution.

Adds English translation file missed in previous package.

Fixes bug in parameters that meant they wouldn't load in Joomla 1.5.



First release of the jTweet module in a unified Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 package.


Updated to work better with the Zen Grid Framework v2.0



  • Updated to be compatible with JB LIbrary v1.2+
  • Added accordion to module parameters.


  • Fixes issue with tweets loading twice.


  • Add flexibility for how scripts and css is displayed.
  • All js now outputs in the body.
  • Selective loading of the popup js.


  • Slight tweak to the layout so that the follow me text appears after the tweet text.


  • Added the ability to disable the default CSS file.


  • v1.5 sees the first implementation of multiple user streams, a re-aligned design plus the info bubble used to display met-info from the user's twitter profile.
  • You can also vary the metadata such as the date, the tweet source (eg the software used).
  • Another addition is to limit the @replies in anygiven stream although this is somewhat experiemntal and may have veried results depending on the twitter stream being used.
  • We have also added the ability to control the output of the module a little more. For the moment there are three variations on the way that the text is output:
avatar + twitter name + join + text + date + tweet source
avatar + twitter name + date + tweet source + join + text
avatar + join + text + twitter name + date + tweet source


  • Now uses the Twitter Rest api when using the display "your tweet" option. This should remove the @replies from your twitter stream.


  • Now loads the jTweet scripts entirely in the head of the document.
  • Option to enable/disable avatar for each tweet.


  • Adds new styling and flexibility to the module.


  • Now loads the jtweet script automatically and on the fly. You must also install the JB Library plugin for this version to work.


  • Fixes a typo that meant the join text wasn't displayed.