Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


  • Updated to work with T3 1.5 to support mega menu animations, captions.

    T3 v1.5 J2.5 / J3+

  • Removes Font Awesome Assets - now loaded from JB Type
  • Changed name of custom.css to custom_rename_to_custom.css
  • Adds support to show hide main content area.
  • Fix for tagline not appearing if logo type set to image
  • Adds base-responsive.less file with no resize class
  • Adds missing tooltip styling
  • Removes ThemeMagic.xml
  • Renamed layout files to make more sense
Changed Files:
  • less/ Once uploaded hit compile to less in template admin
  • fonts/ Removed Font Awesome and Social Foundation Assets
  • Removed Thememagic.xml
  • templateDetails.xml
  • tpls/default.php
  • tpls/blocks/logo.php
  • tpls/blocks/mainbody.php





Now Joomla 3 and T3 compatible


v1.0 Initial Release