Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


Please compile less to css after updating.

  • Menu is not highlighted when it's being actived
  • Got css error on login page and login module
  • Got css error on homepage
  • Got some css error on edit article page
  • Open a new tab when edit module on the frontend
  • Missing custom field tab on edit article page
  • Got css error on contact page
  • Missing forgot username, password, register link on offcanvas menu
  • Got css error on bootstrap2 and bootstrap3 page when view on iphone
  • Got error on smartsearch page
  • Got css error tag page
  • Got css error on contact page when enable recaptcha
  • Got css error on typographgy page
  • Update Zen Grid Framework to v1.4.2 - Changelog zengrid v4

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • css/theme.color-fast.css
  • css/
  • css/theme.color-fast.php
  • less/menu.less
  • less/zentools.less
  • tpls/default.php
  • less/joomla.less
  • less/frontend-edit.less
  • html/com_finder/search/default_form.php
  • html/com_content/category/blog.php
  • less/off-canvas.less
  • component.php
  • css/theme.flat-bs2.css
  • css/
  • css/theme.flat-bs2.php
  • css/theme.flat-bs3.css
  • css/
  • css/theme.flat-bs3.php


Updated 16/11/15


  • Compile less to css after installing
  • Version number incremented to match version of framework being used


  • Prevent page heading param getting overidden
  • Updated default css
  • Updated table variables
  • Add js to retrieve caption for item images
  • Move html overrides to use core framework overrides
  • Refactor joomla.less for update with v1.4 of framework
  • Front end editing fixes
  • Menu input fixes
  • Scaling issues in ios9
  • Add language strings for moduel names
  • Add margins for buttons
  • Fix login form and bs2
  • Reduce min width on chosen dropdown
  • Remove border:0 on active buttons
  • Add frontend.css
  • Fix dropdown menu and offscreen check
  • Fix com_finder issues
  • Fix front end edit display
  • Improved logic and whote space for social icons
  • Add module class to zentabs moduel chrome
  • Fix whitespace and space in menu items
  • Remove gutter value for textare and inputs
  • Correct top offset for fullwidth drop downs
  • Fix langauge strings if com_content not being displayed
  • Fix active state for select menu

Changed Files:

  • templateDetails.xml
  • html/
  • language/ 
  • zengrid/
  • less/variables.less
  • less/frontend-edit.less
  • less/menu.less
  • less/joomla.less
  • less/typography.less
  • less/mixins.less
  • less/buttons.less
  • js/scripts.js
  • tpls/blocks/head.php
  • tpls/blocks/social.php
  • tpls/blocks/scripts.php


Please compile less to css after updating.

  • Adds .smooth class for smoothscroll links
  • Fix finder and login icons
  • Fix checks for zen menu module
  • Fix missing template thumbnail declaration
  • Adds logo search box check
  • Fix zt2 overriding pinterest icon
  • Corrects check for two factor auth
  • Add responsive classes to above position
  • Allow social icons without other options
  • Fix search label
  • Fix Facebook link
  • Fix double classes breaking captions for article images
  • Update Zen Grid Framework to v1.3.3

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • tpls/blocks/scripts.php
  • tpls/blocks/social.php
  • tpls/blocks/social/facebook.php
  • tpls/blocks/social/pinterest.php
  • tpls/blocks/main.php
  • tpls/blocks/menu.php
  • html/mod_finder/default.php
  • html/mod_login/default.php
  • html/com_users/login/default_login.php
  • html/mod_menu/
  • html/layouts/joomla/content/fulltext_image.php
  • less/logo.less
  • less/joomla.less
  • zengrid/


This update requires you to compile less to css after installing the update.

  • Fix front end editing
  • Fix margin on article details
  • Finder button position
  • Mailto modal window
  • Facebook social link
  • Fix position of accordion menu items

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • less/joomla.less
  • less/menu.less
  • html/com_config/modules/default_options.php
  • html/com_mailto/default.php
  • html/mod_finder/default.php
  • tpls/blocks/social/facebook.php


Please update Zen Shortcode and Zen menu plugin.

  • Updated zgfv4 to v1.3.1
  • Adds code to menu overrides to hide item title
  • Fix display of menu headings in dropdowns
  • Fix font-family issue for spans in nav
  • More heading tags added for logo fonts
  • Fix PHP notice on title meta tag

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • html/mod_menu (whole folder)
  • tpls/blocks/fonts.php
  • less/menu.less

v1.3.0 Initial Release

(1.3 to match the version of the Zen Grid Framework)