Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


  • Fix fonts
  • Better frotn end editing
  • Fix J2.5 buttons
  • Max-width fix

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • tpls/blocks/head.php
  • less/frontend-edit.less
  • less/template.less
  • less/layout/base.less


  • Fix for T3 menu hover
  • Quote fonts to allow for css compression
  • Remove Background from Sample data
  • Fix ie8 js error

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • languages > language (does not affect existing installs)
  • tpls/blocks/fonts.php
  • tpls/default.php
  • tpls/modules-only.php
  • tpls/sidebar-left.php
  • tpls/sidebar-main-sidebar.php
  • tpls/blocks/head.php



  • Fix for wrong margin in two column layout
  • Fix for T3 responsive behaviour

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • less/template-responsive.less
  • less/layout/maincontent.less
  • Compile Less to Css in template admin after updating.



  • Fix for favicon.ico referenced in templateDetails.xml

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml


  • Fix for ie8 container issue
  • Fix for conflict with missing nav image for active items
  • Prevents overwriting favicon on update

Changed Files

  • less/menu/menu.less
  • less/layout/base.less
  • Hit compile less to css button in admin to update css files.
  • remove favicon.ico from template root to avoid overwrite.



  • Respond.js only loads for IE6-8 
  • Adds styling for J3.1 tags
  • Improves check for front page
  • Removes option to hide front page but keep sidebars
  • Fixes missing langauge strings
  • Fix for navcollapse value being overwritten
  • Updated templateInfo.
Changed files and folders:
  • css/
  • less/ Once uploaded please remember to hit compile to less in template admin.
  • templateInfo.php
  • en-GB.tpl_revision.ini
  • templateDetails.xml
  • tpls/default.php
  • tpls/sidebar-left.php
  • tpls/blocks/head.php
  • tpls/blocks/logo.php



  • Updated to work with T3 1.2.5 to support mega menu animations, captions.
  • Removes Font Awesome Assets - now loaded from JB Type
Changed Files:
  • less/ Once uploaded hit compile to less in template admin
  • fonts/ Removed Font Awesome and Social Foundation Assets
  • templateDetails.xml


Fix for not being able to reset the tagline text


Changed Files




Initial Release