Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation



  • Fix an admin issue using K2 and the "Add to Menu" option from NoNumber
  • Fix PNG transparency for resized images (helper)
  • Fix the resize image script to test if the image exists


  • Fix for responsive images in IE8
  • CSS fixes for vote styling
  • Adds classes for slideshow in grid.css for all items view in Zentools.
  • Re-adds css for Joomla image positioning.
  • Adds css selector for capital in  introText used in places
  • Span markup added to mobile menu title
  • Fix for cookie.js
  • Optimised admin sprites



  • Fix for path to template print.css
  • Fix for z-index on tooltips
  • Fix for undefined variable in admin
  • Fix for name of hilite file in admin if hilite not chosen



  • Fix for js files in the user folder not loading.
  • Added css for tooltips



  • Fixes double font name bug in body class
  • Added new css for zentools grid options
  • Fix for path to user folder on some operating systems - firefox on Wamp servers
  • Adds hooks for browser to html tag. eg html.safari {}
  • Fix for issue logo not showing up if logo set to nav row but nab set to display at topmenu.
  • Fix url for noconflict.js
  • Update superfish.js, to be loaded into a jQuery document ready callback. To avoid to be overrided for another jquery code.
  • Fix for frontpage width not displaying properly
  • Cannot access protected property JDocumentHTML::$_buffer.
  • Adds support for print.css. You can override the defsault print.css by adding a print.css ot the css folder.



  • - Fixed menu assignment bug in Joomla 2.5 where the plugin would still fire even if the template assigned to the menu item was not a framework template.
  • * Improved the way that javascript and mootools is processed.
  • - Fix for max-width image issue with JB Maps and Hot Spots
  • - Fix for image width issue for images inserted using JCE


  • Unreleased version but distributed to some customers hence the version jump.



  • Updated language strings for the corporate template
  • Adds the ability to specify a top or left offset for the logo position (templateDetails.xml needs updating)



  • Fixes error caused by duplicate google fonts in the array
  • Added Oxygen Google font to list
  • Adds sticky class to body class when the sticky nav is triggered.
  • Adds present and onward body class hook to differentiate between J1.5 and J2.5 +
  • Adds swich for grids and columns on small screens to move to 100% width
  • Better spacing on module classes
  • Adds fix for ie8 max-width issue
  • Adds base styling for Joomla 2.5 links and images options



  • Fixes split menu not rendering in Joomla 2.5
  • Fix for front end editor layout buttons.
  • Updated hiddenpanel.js with a small optimisation.
  • Fix for select menu not showing if split menu enabled
  • Updated Hidden panel strings.
  • Added new strings related to the Vintage template.




  • Fix for google font loading in ie8
  • Fix for ie8.css and ie9.css variables



  • Better safeties for font settings when no font is selected.



  • Fix for logo colour parameter not working
  • Adds a reset for img max-width for ie8.
  • Cleans up the base.css file.
  • Updated layout/asset files with correct layouts for v2 templates



  • Adds target="_blank" to core social icons layout
  • Fixes split menu triggering wrong layout if no items populated in split menu.
  • Fixes issue where settign no hilite would not stick in J2.5 settings.




  • Please note that you will need to reset the fonts chosen with this update because of the back end optimisation of the font list.
  • Improves font logic to only output required font css.
  • Fix for empty css classes displaying in source.


  • Fix for another typo in the font logic plus a little more code optimisation. 


  • Fix for typo in new font logic


  • Added string for the Joomla Tweaks panel.
  • Fixes issue with multiple word font names not rendering
  • Considerable code clean up on font implementation, which also results in slight improvement of framework admin load time.
  • Fix for margin on JCE icons in the front end.
  • Adds more pleasant fade effect for the interface once all of the elements have loaded on the page.
  • Updated admin jQuery version to v1.7.1.
  • Added better implentation for default font file name in J2.5 when using the media element.



  • Added new language strings for Lifestyle template.
  • Updated menu cookie script
  • Adds support for page break tabs and sliders in Joomla 1.7 / Joomla 2.5
  • Updated Google Font list to include all current fonts
  • Fix for modal window not showing at top of the page.
  • Added Fixedleft and fixedright positions for social icons. (Templates before Lifestyle require an update)



  • Fix for center position not displaying in some templates



  • Updated to work with Joomla 2.5
  • Adds Clear cache button to clear template and framework cached css and js files. 
  • (Templates still need updating to take advantage.)
  • Adds toggle on some elements in the admin to show or hide relevant content.
  • (Templates still need updating to take advantage.)



  • Updated language strings for Colour Shift
  • Added more specific handlers for Accordion menu and slide open / close states.
  • Adds spans to split menu sidebar menus
  • Added noresize module class to prevent mediaqueries from resizing grid positions if you dont want them to.
  • Added tooltip for when equalise all widths setting is enabled.


  • Fixes issue with loading xml and php5.3 on some servers and progressive caching.
  • Fixes backend javascript conflict that crept in with last update.



  • Fixes issue where js compression enabled if strip tags also enabled.
  • Fixes lazyload and back to top not working
  • Reinstates fix for manifest xml issue. This error is still an issue on some servers and we need to get a better fix for this.
  • Added new language strings for back to top text.
  • Fixes for multiple column blog layout view in J1.7


  • Fixes issue with manifest description
  • Fixes J1.7 config file not hiding certain menu items in the admin.
  • Pushes the config file further up in the file so that we can adjust certain template specific hooks from the config file.
  • Removes cddata information from xml
  • Fixes php 5.3 incompatibility with progressive cache



  • Added new options for the panel menu. Including Accordion and selective accordion option.
  • Added csspie support.
  • Added support fo respond.js for media queries on less browsers.
  • Added dedicated print.css file.
  • Updates to language file


  • Fixes issue with color picker dropping behind the template body in the admin on firefox (pc)
  • Removed clear:both rule from base h2 tag
  • Added support for inner wrapper div and frontpage width options
  • Fix for css overriding the font size setting
  • Adds support for new accordion modes


  • Adds support for the emerging standard in Joomla for checking whether jQuery is loaded by using the JFactory::getApplication()->set('jquery', true);


v2.0.1 to 2.0.5

  • Fix for Zenoptions element that meant on some servers the dropdown lists with template options wouldn't render
  • Removed save, apply and close icons and replaced with text.
  • Set the opacity of the background area int he admin so that you can still see a little bit of the Joomla interface
  • Numerous language fixes and clarifications (thansk to Brian Teeman)
  • Small core typography.css, grid.css and superfish.css tweaks
  • Fixed installer image
  • CSS tweaks for the admin
  • Fix for countmodules and hasmodule logic not working
  • Optimised the J1.7 class to remove J1.5 code
  • Fixes title in prettyphoto lightbox
  • Removed Center align tab in layouts > main admin options
  • Fixed logo location issue
  • Updated asset files with correct markup
  • Implemented noconflict properly
  • Added support for jQuery 1.7
  • Removed unnecessary jQuery versions
  • Fix for custom tags stripping
  • Reorganised documentation tab
  • Fixes bug with loading user scripts
  • Adds active hilite name to the button text
  • Fix for logic around showing mobile rows
  • Fix for legacy file error
  • Adds grid.css for legacy mode
  • Fixes error for custom styling input box
  • Fixes dt styling in typography.css
  • Fixes dependancies around superfish and lazyload
  • Removed old unneeded files from package

v2.0 Initial Release

  • This is a major overhaul of the original Zen Grid Framework. There are a multitude of feature additions and some bug fixes fromt he original series.
  • The code is leaner and faster and the template admin has a spanking brand new interface.
  • The framework is now a plugin and draws upon the power of Joomla architecture to combine a lot of the features that we had previously relied on JB Library to do.