Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


  • Fixes the nav bar styles.
  • Adds option to omit the logo entirely.


  • Fixed typo for the banner width that meant no value was set to the banner div.


  • Fixed bug in Section view with a missing div.
  • Added analytics option and replaced analytics module position.
  • Added banner to the template xml.


  • Fixed an error in the vars.php file that affected the way four modules appeared when published. (updated vars.php)
  • Fixed a z-index issue on the tool-tips. (updated joomla.css file)
  • Added styling to tooltips. (updated Joomla.css file)
  • Added above position to module positions. (updated templateDetails.xml)
  • Fixed language around the option to have the logo displayed on header or nav row (updated templateDetails.xml file).

Manual Update
In order to update the template ensure that you have not made any changes to the core files.

  1. Backup your styles folder or the entire template if you want to be extra careful.
  2. Install the template.
  3. Reinstall Zen Grid.
  4. Reupload your styles folder.


  • Fixes the undefined folder and file in the template admin. The template folder needs to be called zengrid to avoid this from happening in the future.
  • Created better default values for the main column widths for the initial install.


  • Moved the logo.png file into the /style/logo folder.
  • Added the ability to filter images in the /style/logo folder in the template admin and assign as the logo.
  • Added ability to automatically display folders that appear in the style/ folder so that adding themes is as easy as uploading the folder tot he styles/folder.
  • Removed the custom theme option.
  • Added blank theme and container theme as basic starter themes.
  • Commented on the css in the default theme.
  • Edited the html overrides to give them JB specific class names, Check the style/blank/theme.css for the added classes.
  • Edited the names in the logic for the columns states. Moved from double, even, fullwidth to twoL, twoR, threeLR etc to specify layout states.
  • Added the class names to different layouts to make each different layout targetable - check the blank theme css again for details and classes available.
  • Updated the templateThumbnail.png.
  • Set better defaults int he templateXML for the main column widths.