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Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8.6

Adding effects classes doesn't work properly with spinner

Adding effects and using additional classes doesn't work properly

Anchor icon not display

Got error displaying in zen shortcodes plugin


Updated Font Awesome to v4.6.3


Updated Font Awesome to v4.5.0

(Please note that if you are using a Zen Grid Framework v4 theme and compiling Font Awesome in the template the new icons added for Font Awesome v4.5 will not be available unless you update the framework version of Font Awesome or elect to load the Font Awesome library via the Shortcode plugin. See this page to see how to set the Font Awesome library to the local version.)


Adds advanced delim option which allows using ||| a delimiter for effects rather than |


Fix issue with content not rendering


Adds ability to add effects and addition Font Awesome styles


  • Updated Font Awesome library to v4.3
  • Adds clearfix to zen-row classes
  • Fix double quotes breaking module edit tooltip


  • Adds {zen-br}{/zen-br} for adding line breaks. Useful for menu items and content titles.

v1.0 Initial Release