Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

Please note that you can install any newer version of the zentools module over your existing version using the Joomla installer.


20th April 2018

View more icon displays wrong position

Missing images on Portal Filter

Slideshow backstreck: doesn't show Image

Remove style for affix on zentool module


13th April 2018

Zentools: CSS error wiith Carousel type

Got CSS error on 'Meet the team' module

Fix error padding on isotope of filter layout


6th April 2018

Source Content: Get code error

Grid Layout: one Element leftover without name on it

Joomla category source: Get code error

Category source: Get code error when open Lighbox

Source K2: get code error

K2 Source: get error when show extra fields

Joomla categories source: Get code error when enable Filter

Joomla categories source: Doesn't distinguish post of other Language right

Backend: Match tab with source type

Grid Layout: get code error when enable Filter

Zentools JS errors in Filter menu


30th March 2018

Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8.6

Fix layout to view all settings in Zentools module backend

Add class to make it's compatible with params in administrator config lazy load


22nd March 2018

Fix to compatible with PHP 7

Restyle title on corporate template


18th July 2016

Fix for tags not defined in Joomla 3+


24th March 2016

  • Updated for PHP7 compatibility
  • Fix pathway to slideshow image
  • Fix accordion title position


27th Dec, 2015

  • Fix Jbrowser class error on J3.4.5+
  • Fix 6 column grid widths
  • Reinstate windows fix for local images
  • Remove duplicate hyphen for resized images
  • Add pointer for Jackbox thumbnails
  • Add width:auto for zen-right rule
  • Adds option to round text to the nearest word
  • Fix undefined image error for category source
  • Fix 7 col width
  • Fix video display
  • Disable active category when filter is set to use tags as tabs
  • Fix for non empty slideshow container when image only layout selected for slideshow
  • Remove duplicate basepath
  • Remove title from slideshow thumbs if title is disabled
  • Small adjustment for no margin when using filter layout
  • Fix link title appearing.


  • Fix for chrome bug and stacked layout
  • Removes title from links if image title disabled
  • Fix Jackbox image opacity setting
  • Removes charset from js declaration
  • htmlspecialcharacters for image titles to prevent layouts breaking
  • Fix short date issue
  • Fix Backstretch count with multiple instances on same page
  • Thumbs use same resize method as main setting



  • Fixed issue with responsive images from last update
  • Sets limit of categories display with Joomla categories
  • Removes 5 as default input for external links
  • Fixes K2 Featured Images



  • Fixed missing icon file
  • Fixes issue when user has media folder inside images folder
  • Reverts stacked layout to normal behaviour on touch devices.



  • Fix for missing zentools icons
  • Stops blank space from SVG Grayscale.


  • Implemented logic to correct malformed urls from Easyblog
  • Better name spacing for font icons used in Zentools
  • Removes space from clearing div in marginless layouts
  • Adds missing layout param for k2 helper
  • Fix for image path in old slideshow layouts
  • Reinstates the $offset for media fodler
  • Adds lightbox class and popup class for link checks in carousel
  • Category names with same names not gettign displayed properly. Esp for filter layouts



  • Fix for images in media sub folder not rendering
  • Fix for background images not loading in lightbox
  • Adds max-width to carousel to avoid overlapping arrows


  • Fix for wrong image path when images cached
  • Fix for path to slideshow image for legacy slideshow
  • Fix for images in firefox using grayscale
  • Fix for height added to SVG
  • Fix for images spilling over parent container in firefox
  • Fix for extra link appearing in slideshow


  • Adds new Stacked layout as seen on the Lifestyle2 demo
  • Adds new Slideshow layout called Backstretch - used for full width slideshows. Please note that Corporate, Lifestyle and New Lifestyle need template updates to use this new slideshow.
  • Remove Grayscale javascript effect for SVG method
  • Compressed css stylesheets into one css file
  • Improved handling of cached images when resizing which results in a massive speed boost.
  • Add new animated effects for Zentools layout items
  • Uses Less files to compile zentools css
  • General Code clean up
  • Optimsied routine around slideshow thumb images
  • Font icons now more specific to avoid conflicts with font awesome


  • Reinstate fix for carousel
  • Fix path for images using responsive images



  • Removes non static method warnings for Easyblog
  • Fix for Easyblog image display
  • Fix image resize options for category layout
  • Adds date translation for default site language
  • Fix for links in Carousel



  • Fixes for Advanced Moduel Manager
  • Fixes PHP tag notice in Joomla 2.5
  • Sets correct default for tag layout
  • Fix for jroute not found when rendered in T3 admin



  • Adds support for Easyblog from Stackideas
  • Adds suport for K2, Jooml and Easyblog tags
  • Adds filter by tags as option for filter layout.
  • Adds author layout item.
  • Adds Easyblog and K2 avatar layout item
  • Add support for displaying images and titles of categories.
  • Fix links in carousel not working
  • Adds media queries from zengrid templates to make grids 100% on mobile
  • update tabs for j32 and advanced module manager
  • Fix for icons in zentools modules getting fontellow set as font-family
  • Separate tags around day, month and year dates
  • Remove date separator if month is set to hide.
  • Adds extra link button below the module.
  • Clean up admin display
  • Separate layout setting into new panel.
  • Better typography in admin.
  • Code clean up.


  • Fix for content links admin field not showing in Joomla 3.2
  • Fix link behaviour field in Joomla 3.2
  • Fix slideshow param in Joomla 3.2


  • Fix for positioning of K2 item image field in admin



  • Fixes lightbox behaviour in Joomla 3.2
  • Fix for path to images


  • Adds fix for administrator display for Joomla 3.2
  • Fixes wrong path to image
  • Renames mainframe to app
  • removes debug statement
  • Fix method signature
  • adds clearing class to we can target it later



  • Adds delimiter option to make it possible to use a symbol other than - to separate template tags.
  • Fix for lightbox thumbnail
  • Fix for filter layout when filter not triggered if nested inside tabs
  • Changed param for J1.5


  • Adds boxed style for carousel
  • Adds boxed style for grid
  • Adds boxed style for accordion
  • Adds flat style for accordion
  • Adds option to position accordion open close symbol
  • Adds option to select open close symbol
  • Cleaned up font icons and adds new icons
  • Renamed some parameter labels so they make more sense
  • Fix for when using columns in leading then list layout
  • Add more options for styling read more button
  • Fixed behaviour when animating the overlay button
  • Adds option to disable show all button for filter layout
  • Adds option to fade images to black or white on image hover
  • Fix for margin on images in overlay frame layout
  • Fix for pagination layout and clearing div
  • Fix for carousel icons
  • Add option to use btn class for read more


  • Fix for using multiple lightboxes on a page
  • Adds flags for scripts and layouts
  • Adds Max-width to alli items container for slideshow layout mode.



  • Improved performance for leading plus list layout. Images are no longer processed for list items.
  • Fixes Greyscale efefct in ie8
  • Javascript files now minified
  • Fix for filter category layout.



  • Allows images with capital letters for file type
  • Adds correct name spacing to avoid css conflict and js conflict with Zenkit


  • Removes clearing div from filter layout
  • Fix for Zenlast not getting applied to grid layout
  • Adds the original image for lightbox content
  • New param to show / hide the title on lightbox footer
  • Improve method for detecting T3 or Zen Grid Framework
  • Adds imageDefault for K2 items
  • Fix right margin for carousel items
  • Separates the slide total and hyphen



  • Fix wrong margin for carousel items
  • Fix slideshow fade transition for iPad



  • Fix accordions to work with multiple modules
  • Fix carousel items to distribute items equally
  • Fix no fallback for default img src if js error causes no image to load
  • Fix the size of Article, K2 Items and K2 Categories param fields
  • Fix the toggle behavior for Content Type Settings and K2 Item Options
  • Fix compatibility with NoNumbers Advanced Module Manager




  • Fix filters when category alias and title doesn't match



  • Set Load jQuery param to disabled, as default


  • Remove the Zen Grid Framework and JB Library requirement
  • Restore the keyboard navigation for lightbox
  • Add lightbox settings to enable/disable thumbnails tooltips
  • Add version number to the module description
  • Move JS, CSS and Images to the media folder
  • Add grayscale hover effect to images
  • Fix some strict standard PHP warnings
  • Fix lightbox width issues for IE
  • Fix lightbox preventing to "jump" while browsing through the items
  • Fix some PHP notices about non static methods for image resizer class
  • Fix the resize helper exception when we don't have any images to display
  • Fix filters for K2 as content source
  • Fix the "title tag" param label, to "title class"
  • Fix the cache folder conflict with Admin tools custom htaccess feature, moving the cache files to the media folder




  • Fix carousel links for images
  • Fix lightbox issue with T3 framework and J3.0
  • Fix lightbox image size for IE and other browsers
  • Fix links to open on a new window
  • Fix wrong settins: animationSpeed in Flexislider




  • Fix 'featured' class for items in J1.5
  • Fix filters, to respect the Joomla Category order
  • Move images cache folder to Joomla's cache folder (allow you to clean the cache)
  • Fix slideshow, the viewport position and float style
  * If you have any issue after update to this version, try to open your module and save the params again.


  • Fix duplicated accordion images in older templates
  • Fix incorrect path for jPages script
  • Fix the slideshow navigations arrows when pagination param is "none"


  • Fix for missing active class for older templates using slideshow.


  • Fixes the toggle for Items/Category params field for Joomla and K2
  • Fixes the transparency for PNG files when resize images is on
  • Add resize for remote images
  • Fixes the image processing to do nothing with images when there is no image as selected item



  • Removes superfluous font icon parameter.
  • Fixes incorrect scripts for slideshow files when caching turned on
  • Fixes click behaviour for some layouts
  • Fix for carousel breakign on to two lines
  • Renamed carousel js and created a minified version
  • Added a missed semi-colon in elastislide file
  • Improved layout item performance
  • Fix for layout area getting reset if module not yet been saved (Thanks Rudy)
  • Removed lightbox debug code
  • Fixed lightbox resize method to fit html content


  • Zentools no longer requires JB Library when using with Joomla 3.0
  • Added filter threshold to swap filter triggers to titles to icon triggers at a nominated browser width threshold.
  • Updated admin scripts to work with change in Joomla 3.0.3 from tabs to sliders in the admin across all Joomla modules.
  • Fix for grid width value affecting single item width
  • Stops links opening in new window/tab when linktype is set to 3 (new window)
  • Tooltip language fix


  • Fix for irregular behaviour of lightbox with different sized content on different sized screens.
  • Fix for item->video not null after video deleted or replaced.
  • Fix for Call to undefined method JUser::authorisedLevels()
  • Fix for incorrect path to content model article include in Joomla 1.5
  • Fix for lightbox display on ie8 and ie9
  • Fix for advanced module manager assignment in the admin



  • Fix for title z-index issue when using captify grid effect


  • Fixed Fatal error: Class 'ContentHelperRoute' not found
  • Fixed cropped images in lightbox (Grid3 template frontpage)
  • Fixed missing button arrows for Carousel layout
  • Fixed lightbox button "more" not clickable
  • Fixed missing graphics.php file in jackbox lightbox
  • Fixed missing thumbnail images for content from directory and no resized
  • Fixed issue with rounded Shadow effect for images
  • Fixed wrong label for font icons


  • Fixes PHP Error Call to undefined method JUser::authorisedLevels()
  • Fixes transit effect always on
  • Fixes images and image resizer script for Windows Server and ISS
  • Fixes slideshow arrows, behavior and icon
  • Fixes a PHP Error Call to a member function setState() on a non-object for Joomla 3.0


  • Improved logic for images in lightbox. Now if the user has show image and text in the lightbox (using content or k2) the first image which is displayed in a separate div above the text and consequently stripped out from the the introtext. It is now possible to display other images in the modal text as well.
  • Fix for margin on images in captify mode.
  • Adds image effect to modal window images.
  • Fix for images duplicated in lightbox gallery.
  • Adjusts the width setting when display 5 items in a row.
  • Fix for full width images not getting applied.


  • Add a new responsive lightbox
  • Adds a new slideshow theme called standard.
  • Replaces image assets for accordion and carousel with font icons
  • Moved slideshow styling into two new files. Core styling can now be found in the slideshow/slideshow-core.css file while the styling specific to the slideshow you are using can be found in the css/slideshow/slideshow-[your slideshow theme].css file. 
  • Improved the smoothness of the accordion slide action
  • Cleaned up the css in the zentools, accordion, slideshow and carousel files.
  • Fixed the positioning of the carousel arrows across all screen sizes.
  • Updated Flexislider to latest version
  • Removed Fancybox assets
  • Fix for available tags not getting updated in admin when content source was changed
  • Fix shadow issue for resized images
  • Fixes for require_once paths and other new helper actions


Fix for conflict with Zenhelper class when Microblog and other extensions installed.

Fix for K2 version check in versions lower than k2 2.6

Fix for tweet field username

Added some more features to the tweet field

Response.js updated to v0.7.3

DIrectory/Content selector is missing with J3.0


11th November, 2012

  • Fixed separator not being honoured for item->text field
  • Added overlaynmore hook to parent div when using readmore in overlay mode
  • Improved k2 version check logic.
  • Fix link behavior lightbox for zentools module inside other zentools modules.  
  • Fix a missed js path for slideshow



  • Improved logic for image resizing and reduced number of breakpoints
  • Improved labels for various image targetted breakpoints.
  • Improved admin layout for Joomla 2.5
  • Fix for grid / filter list
  • Fix for wrong external link click behaviour and wrong initial category for filter view
  • Fixed an incorrect path to carousel css file



  • Added support to allow image resizing to target specific browser breakpoints.
  • Added option to make all images 100% width.
  • Admin fix for bug that crept in with the admin refactor.
  • Reorganised javascript files in subfolders.
  • Removed unused layout files.



  • Fix for slide transition not working in some cases when using overlay mode.
  • Added safety for cases where js may null links by adding a preventDefault workaround.




  • Image assets optimised for slideshow and lightbox - 53% reduction (Yew).
  • Fixed display for some admin parameters
  • Minified Elastislide JS
  • Multiple line issue for carousel
  • Fixed default value for pagination type




  • Fix for k2 check in J1.5 



  • Fix for unclickable top row of layout columns.



  • Slideshow tab not showing in Joomla 3.0 when slideshow selected and not active on load.
  • Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: ← Use unicode with hexadecimal values instead.
  • Updated to support K2 2.6
  • Add a missed static method specification for zentools.



  • Updated packages to split Joomla 1.5 from unified packaged and added support for Joomla 3.0



  • Fix for ie8 issues with overlay frame and overlay styling


  • Removed framework selector from non-framework grid.css
  • Put in extra check for rendering plugin syntax for some cases of videos not rendering in K2
  • Fixed slideshow overflow in slide transition for ie7
  • Fix ie8 slideshow display when image's column has less than 12 columns.
  • Fix for image folder list which prevented rendering the folder structure on some servers


  • Fix for undefined error caused by imagesLoaded.
  • Separates ie8 isotope fix into separate file



Fix for check for K2 in admin.



Adds support for plural comment text when more than one comment



Fix for max-wdth images in slideshow in ie8



Fix for Slideshow images not displaying in ie8.



Fix for slideshow not displaying in IE7.

Added lightbox functionality where if the image is the only thing being displayed then it reverts to the lightbox mode rather than the iframe mode.

Added featured tag for items marked featured in k2 and Joomla 2.5. Joomla 1.5 requires that the first meta tag be "featured".




Another fix for lightbox navigation.

Fix for external links nopt being separated properly.

Fix for articles not showing in admin in some instances due to time stamp issue



Fix for positioning of lightbox navigation (again)

Fixes read more link not rendering.



Fix for issue when displaying resized placeholder images

Fix for lightbox buttons affecting read more link.



Added extra grid divisions so you can now have rows of 5,7,8,9,10,11,12 items.

Added option to open links in a new window.

Added read more option for content in lightbox

Added the more overlay option. This basically allows you to add the more tag so that it floats on top of the rest of the content when the user hovers. Best used if the image is the first tag in the available tags.

Fixed k2 image setting not displayign properly.



Fix for multiple instances of the masonry module on a single page.

Fix for content settigns not working for J1.5



Fix for accordion hide all panels bug that crept in with the last update.



Fix for xml error which resulted in no parameters on some servers.



Added the ability to use external links. This feature basically allows you to create instances of the module that use links that you specify in the module admin.



New Additions

Added new pagination layout

Added new preset and set default buttons

Add static option for overlay effect in grid and carousel layouts

Added ability to select specific K2 and Joomla articles.

Added new accordion options to hide or show first item

Added new default Youtube styled buttons for slideshow buttons

Reorganised some items in the admin parameters

Rewritten admin javascript for better performance

Set start item for filter option

Show All translation

Added random content for J2.5

Added new tweet this element



Fix for k2 extra fields only showing last field

Fix for widths in filter and masonry view

Reworked layout positions for slideshow play and next and count options.

Removed unused documentation folder

Removed unused twitter layout

Miscellaneous features




Fix for artids missing variable.



Removed explicit width set for firefox filter mode rendered redundant after previous isotope script fix.



Fixed image path in alt tag for images

Fixed tags being stripped form all but the first item in the module in K2

Fixed multiple slideshow slide count error

Fixed Fancybox multiple instance error

Fixed content selection not hiding when directory selected in J1.5

Added option to specify the character in file names to create spaces in titles when using the directory option.



Fix for html entities not neing removed from image title attributes.

Fix for imagesperrow value getting output in accordion.



Fixes issue with broken classes when using list layout and filter mode.

Adds title attribute to images.



Fixes issue crept in with last update when fixing html entity characters in isotope.


Updates html entities escaped in the category filter option so that more characters can be used in the category name.


Fixes issue with content option not displaying if K2 uninstalled.



Improved layout calculations for category filter.

Removes br tag from image link title.



Fix for odd layout in firefox

Updated isotope to v1.5.11

Changed the width on the fancybox next / previous buttons to make them less obtrusive and allow the scrollbars if used to actually work.

Fixed fancybox admin parametesr not updating via the radio box.

Fix for accordion overflowing right content

Added margin:0 for images using the grid layout and overlay effect.

Added alt tags to navigation thumbnails.

Fix for misalignment of navigation controls in chrome.



Fixed Joomla 2.5 parameter for slideshow autoplay.

Adds a small; buffer to the maincontainer width to avoid columns dropping down in the masonry view in firefox.

Fixes truncate function to handle utf8 characters.

Fix for grid rows not clearing in some instances.

Adds option disable animation for the overlay in slideshow.

Fixed validation errors


Set filter tabs to hide and then show after script loads

Slideshow styling tweaks and slidenav list not rendering if not needed.

Fix for istope and masonry widths in firefox.

Fix for slideTrigger undefined notice in some configurations

Actually fixed the autoplay function in the slideshow.

Capitalises first letter in show

Adds check before displaying thumbnails.



Fixes allowed tags changes not being kept in admin for J1.7 / J2.5

Fixes slideshow auto play setting not working

Adds some new markup for slide controls

Adds slideshow count option. ie Slideshow now renders [number of slide] of [total number of slides].



Adds support for Joomla 2.5

Adds support to use the intro_image for the image in J2.5.

Adds support to use an alternate link in Joomla 2.5

Adds Category Filter option to work with list and grid layouts. Replicating the old Filter layout in Microblog.

Adds new single gallery option

Fixes bug in Slideshow thumbnail crop.


Fix for multiple accordion bug


  • Fix for K2 item image not being resized.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Added option to add a prefix to images using the folder option.
  • Added text element to the lightbox title in folder only mode. 
  • Stripped + signs from lightbox output.


  • Fix for featured item ordering in K2.
  • Fix for text suffix duplicating in J1.7
  • Adds readon span class to reamore links
  • z-index fix for slideshow navigation


  • Cleans up the code rendered for non lightbox links
  • Adds control for the placeholder image
  • Fix for read more link not working that crept in with last release.
  • Fix for k2 image hierarchy not being recognised.
  • Adds a span class .readon to the more element



Fixes typo related to links in Joomla 1.7


  • Adds the ability to remove the margin on grid items in order to recreate the grid captify content effect.
  • Adds image hover feature.
  • Adds overlay option for grid items and carousel items. This is effectively the same effect as seen in the captify content module.
  • Fixes issue with lightbox gallery scrolling through multiple items within the lightbox gallery.
  • Fixes issue with firefox where the sortable items were not being constrained on the page.
  • Removes unneeded items fromt he package zip.


Fixes any link other than the first in the carousel not working. 



  • Added option to randomise the display on images
  • Fixed count feature for image difrectory so you can now limit the number of images to display from a folder.
  • Fixes margin getting dropped from the zentools li.
  • Fixes + showing up in lightbox title
  • Fixes render plugin code not working
  • Fixes for title and text suffix not working
  • Fixes ordering not being respected in Joomla 1.7
  • Fix for correct date formatting not getting picked up
  • Adds check to see if there is any content to display and displays a notice if there isn't.


Adds the option to hide and change the lightbox title display


Adjusts widths of the lists in masonry to prevent the middle column from dropping down.


Fixes error related to missing variable to render k2 component parameters


  • Fixes issue with missing advanced class suffic parameter in J1.7
  • Fixes issue with not being able to select more than one category for some views.
  • Small css fixes


v1.0 Initial Release