Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

Please note that due to changes in the twitter API, jTweet is no longer available. This page is an archive of the original jTweet functionality.


First make sure you install the module using the Joomla Installer in the administration, and then that you've published the module into the position you desire. Then you will be ready to change and configure the settings.

Go into the Joomla Administrator, and find the Module Manager. Here you will see a list of all modules, and go through until you see the jTweet module. Click on the title and you will see the parameters that you can adjust for the module. When you need more information about a setting, roll over the text to the left and a tooltip will appear. Make sure to hit save when you are done.

jTweet styles

The examples with the bird icons will display for the first tweet in the stream while the avatar will display next to all tweets in the stream. Please note that the bird icons and avatar display do not really match so to display the avatar you need to set the first tweet icon to "no icon" and then set the avatar size to the desired size of the avatar. In order to display the bird icon on the first tweet and no icon then you need to set the avatar size to "0".

Bird1 (icon source: Oliver Twardowski )


Bird2 (icon source: Randa Clay )


Bird3 (icon source: Dry Icons)


Bird4 (icon source: Function)


Bird5 (icon source: Blue Bird )





jTweet Source Feed

  • Choose to display your twitter feed, combine multiple feeds or a twitter query
  • Display your twitter avatar or pick one of our fresh twitter icons.
  • 3 different tweet templates and configurable join text options lend your tweets a unique voice.
  • Embellish your compact module with a dynamic information popup, follow me button and custom messages.
  • Experimental support for omitting @replies.


Parameters for the jTweet module.


Some screenshots of the different layouts in action.



Avatar Enabled


Multiple Streams


An explanation of the jTweet module settings.

General Module Settings

  • Module Class Suffix : A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module (table.moduletable), this allows individual module styling.
  • Module ID : A unique ID to be applied to the Tweets of this module. This allows multiple JTweet modules on a single page.
  • Display your tweets or query? : If set to displaying your tweets the module will feed off your recent tweets, multi-tweets will merge feeds from multiple users, otherwise if set to query it will display all recent tweets returned for that query term.
  • Twitter Username(s) : Your twitter username or usernames seperated by commas. eg; joomla, joomlabamboo, seaofclouds
  • Twitter Query : is the query term for twitter whose search results are displayed in the module
  • Tweet Count : specifies the number of tweets you want displayed in the module.

Tweet Layout and Display Settings

  • Twitter Icon : Choose from one of 5 different Twitter bird icons to display by the first tweet in the module. This icon also acts as a trigger for the popup when it is enabled.
  • Display Avatar : Choose to display or hide the user avatar before a tweet.
  • Avatar size : Can be set between 0 and 48 to control the size of the user avatar.
  • Display Twitter Name? : Option to display the twitter username with each tweet.
  • Twitter Name Action Text : is the text following the twitter name when it is displayed. This text is used to define the users action eg; 'tweeted'.
  • Display Source? : when set to yes will add the source of the tweet.
  • Tweet Source Preceeding Text : is the text preceeding the Tweet source. eg; 'from'.
  • Display linking text? : Display the intro text nominated below to preface your tweets.
  • Display Replies? : Choose to display direct replies to other users. This is an experimental feature that may result in reduced and possibly no tweets being displayed in the module. It is recommended to set the tweet count high when set to no.
  • Choose a Tweet Template : Lets you pick between 3 different layouts for your tweets. The various components will follow the order specified here if they are set to be displayed in the module.
  • Non verb text : auto linking text for non verb: i said 'surfs up'
  • Past tense text : auto linking text for past tense: i 'surfed'
  • Present tense Text : auto linking text for present tense: i 'surf'
  • Text for reply : auto linking text for replies: 'i replied to' @someone 'with'
  • Loading Text : Informative text that is displayed while tweets load

Additional Settings

  • Display Popup User Info? : This will display the twitter users information in a popup. This will be displayed only when a single user's tweets are set to show in the module. The popup is triggered by the optional twitter icon and the more info button below it. The popup contains a follow me link, the users avatar and following/followers/location information for the user.
  • More Info Text : is the text in the button below the twitter icon which acts as a trigger for the popup.
  • Popup Intro Text : is the introductory text within the popup.
  • Display follow text? : will set a follow me button below the twitter icon if no popup is set to show. It will link to the first user in the 'Twitter Username(s)' field.
  • Follow me text : is the text in the follow me button that links to the users twitter page.


I installed the module, but cannot see it?

When you install the module, it is setup in the module position 'left' and also disabled. Check that you have moved it to the appropriate module position, and that it is enabled.

Do I need jQuery?

Yes, the module requires it.

Tweets are not loading, why?

This is possible for a few reasons. If jQuery is already included on your site by the template or another extension, then make sure to disable it in in JFlickr. Also if there is an incorrect user, then it may not display anything. Also, make sure you don't have your tweets protected, or else there is no way to get them from Twitter since they are blocked for public access.

jTweet J1.0 no further development or support available.