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  • CSS Validator
  • Issue with lightbox


  • Fix bug delay to change content type items, categories, author
  • "Open link in a new window" option doesn't work
  • ZenTools2 Slideshow Navigation Glitch


  • Fix warning when content is image
  • Problem when content source is Instagram


  • Issue with the generated URL of EasyBlog content


  • Override filter content override not working with umlouts / special characters
  • Problems with single item when image column is on right
  • Easyblog: Get error with Parent category has no item
  • Zentools 2 - Slideshow doesn't show all images
  • Image in Content doesn't load in Lightbox
  • Got error when show images from all categories


  • Zentools2 needs to be compiled for home page


  • Create CSS custom file doesn't work well with update version
  • Pintinterest 403 error on front-end


  • Zentools2 wrong order of Easyblog posts
  • Create CSS custom file doesn't work well
  • Got type error when switch between items, categories and authors
  • V2 version module unable to fetch content from EasyBlog component
  • Caption layouts missing caption
  • Remove DS_store file
  • Missing k2 publish options compared to Joomla content source


  • Slideshow: error style on some themes
  • Error when using content from EasyBlog
  • Fix equal height js. set equal height for zt-col class


  • Filter Layout: Layout not nice
  • Layout Caption: Style doesn't work as demo
  • Ticker: doesn't show the Arrow
  • Got error on Zentool2 module with leading layout
  • Joomla source: missing custom field
  • Filter type: layout broken when show all


  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8.6
  • Zentool2 module doesnt work when install it on joomla fresh
  • Cant show photo image when view on iphone
  • Arccordion - Joomla Tag Content: Get code error
  • Accordion: Manual link doesn't show
  • Accordion: Get code error on Spotify
  • Spotify: can't make module get content
  • Joomla Contact: Get code error when choose this source
  • Lightbox doesn't work if Enable Manual Link
  • Get error when use K2 Author source
  • Get error when use K2 source
  • K2: Time since function doesn't work
  • Get error when use Hikashop
  • Filter Layout: get error style when set Equal Height
  • Get error on Easyblog Source
  • Easyblog source/K2 category source: Doesn't distinguish post of other Language right
  • Get JS error on isotope Layout
  • Slideshow backstrech: item overlap
  • Got js errors in the module


  • Fix for featuerd images from easyblog
  • Fix for easyblog post routing
  • Fixes K2 source showing the wrong number of items when multiple categories are selected
  • Fixes K2 filer showing no posts
  • Fixes sql errors when tags have no associated articles
  • Corrects Hikashop prices
  • Corrects hikashop product links
  • Fixes filter layout issue with initial tab selection not working
  • Fixes issues with equal heights script not working with tabbed items
  • Makes lightbox video work with standard youtube embed code
  • Fixed php notices
  • Makes all asset paths relative to domain
  • Returns correct original image when resize settings are larger than the original image
  • Fixes compatibillity issue for php 7.1 and images from a folder source


Fix slideshow backstretch duplicate title issue


  • Fixes missing item-container from pagination layout.
  • Fixes issue with duplicate slideshow titles for backstretch slideshow


  • Adds support for the Seblod CCk
  • Adds ability to load a specific filter for the filter layout based on url hash. eg would load the news filter on page load.
  • Adds title to image element
  • Fix overlay readmore position
  • Add option to strip images from lightbox
  • Improve equal heights script for some layouts
  • Fix compile issue with custom css



  • Adds animate items on appearance to caption layout
  • Added isotope layout
  • Fix Easyblog category query
  • Adds Hero slideshow
  • Adds empty button and primary button options to read more
  • Moved filter nav to it's own block so it can be reused across layouts
  • Fix equal heights on filter layout
  • Preliminary addition for image download element


  • Adds support for image title, lightbox close, lightbox counter option to Single Gallery lightbox (Please note that other lightbox options for this view are not available)
  • Fix for Joomla contact sql query
  • Fix Joomla contact count
  • Fix slideshow height issue
  • Slideshow Backstretch layout can now use 100% as height value
  • Prevent Hikashop images gettign picked up as product images
  • Remove related videos from Youtube videos in lightbox
  • Fix K2 author limit issue
  • Get correct children for Joomla tags


  • Fix k2 author count bug
  • Uses K2 original image rather than the cached xl image in case it doesn't exist
  • Fixes issue where K2 categories werent retrieving sub sub level items
  • Adds px and % labels to theme panel
  • Corre cts access level db query
  • Fixes titles not getting truncated in accordion
  • Stops sql error when selecting multiple tags


  • Adds avatar option to K2 item cotnent source
  • Fix undefined offset for item->video
  • K2 author name can now use author alias set in the k2 item
  • Fix for no-collapse grid clear left issue


  • Fixes retrieving remote images with query strings. (especially Instagram)


  • Fixes issue with K2 item selection
  • Fixes issue with placeholder variable not set


New Versioning

The version prior to this release was v1.1.8 but we felt that moving to v2 in the series was easier for users to compare versions of Zentools and Zentools2 more easily. So this means that any future versions of Zentools will be v2.2+

New Content Sources

  • Easyblog5
  • Hikashop Products
  • Spotify
  • Instagram
  • Joomla Tag Content

New features

Enhanced Curated Gallery Content Source

  • Added embedded posts layout element to display embedded Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Posts
  • Embedded Posts element also is able to embed Spotify and Sound Cloud Webplayers
  • Youtube and Vimeo url embed.
  • Paypal Button element to display an add to cart button
  • Allow html in layout elements

Lightbox Enhancement

  • Allow a video to be displayed instead of the image. This means you can have mixed galleries of images and videos.
  • Display the fulltext of an item as well as the introtext.

Enhanced content retrieval

  • Display only archived Joomla content or display both archived and current content
  • Display content from child categories for Joomla items, Joomla categories, Joomla Tag Content and K2.
  • Filter content based on assigned language: Select between no filter, only content assigned to the current language or content assigned to current language plus universally assigned content.
  • Placeholder images when an item doesn’t have an image assigned
  • Offset result option, so items in the module can start from a specified integer.
  • Better retrieval of featured itemsin K2

Layout Enhancements

  • Expanding Preview can be used with just the title as the trigger
  • Better logic for single gallery layout
  • Stop on hover option added to Slideshow
  • First and last item in Featured Carousel can be displayed
  • Image dimensions are now added to images in the layout to improve page speed scores

Admin enhancements

  • Better headings and descriptions in the admin
  • Tweaks to the admin display
  • Sub categories are now displayed as nested items (where possible), otherwise options are displayed alphabetically
  • Optimised referencing of content sources via Ajax



  • Fix select box display in zentools2 admin
  • Fix responsive classes not getting applied to all layout elements.



  • Fix facebook warning for like url
  • Uses K2 function for fall back category url
  • Fix fade to black and fade to white image flickr in Chrome
  • Use FB like css for like button and lightbox
  • Remove margins on masonry spacing elements
  • Fixes for leading layout
  • Remove right margin on navigation icon



This version will require you to re-create the master css via the theme tab.

  • Adds thumb grid layout as slideshow pagination
  • Fix facebook like links for lightbox
  • Fixes display if facebook like button in lightbox
  • Fix use of titles for filter display
  • Fix category count when category selected
  • Rename label on title in admin
  • Compress and update assets
  • Fix display for pager tabs
  • Fix news ticker display
  • Adds px to height of overlay effect by default
  • Prevent brackets from showing if pretext class is empty
  • Fix Windows php notice
  • Code cleanup
  • Allow social icons in lightbox when title not displayed
  • Fix auto height of zen-wrap for filter view
  • Adds minimised version of lightbox



  • Fix override filter options to improve the output of the custom filter option. Capitalisation is now respected.
  • Adds stop on hover for slideshow and carousel by default.
  • Adds new ticker layout
  • Fix read more language string when not using com_content 



  • Fix issue with open first accordion icon not being honoured
  • Responsive settings for titles now work
  • Adds missing grabbing image for carousel and slideshow
  • Fix Publish_down clause for Joomla articles
  • Fix the word title being displayed in the single image view.



  • Fixes issue with uninstalling zentools2 package




  • Fix incorrect class name for fulltext
  • Remove orphan closing >



Removes preliminary Hikashop work to prevent admin error



Please note that after installing this update you will need to compile less to css in the module admin. eg click on create master css and also any custom css for modules that are using this option.

Added Features / Enhancements

  • Adds ability to show exif data for folder of images
  • Adds manual / external link option with the ability to fallback to item link if external link empty
  • Adds option to append number of items in a category when displaying Joomla category items
  • Adds open in new window option for link type for image, title and readmore element
  • Adds time since element that displays the time since an item was published
  • Adds order by publish date ordering for Joomla content
  • Links to plugin page now filter zen plugins automatically
  • Adds align element to item tags - eg align title to left, center or right
  • Adds K2 hits element
  • Adds person element for Joomla contacts to display a contacts details using html5 microdata using the person schema
  • General code optimisation for helpers
  • Adds option to disable drag for carousel and slideshow layouts
  • Adds option to show or hide K2 extra fields attribute title
  • Adds option to hide specific K2 extra fields
  • Adds option to specify K2 extrafields delimiter
  • Adds filter box to filter items in content panel in admin
  • Adds new zttext field for admin
  • Adds bottom offset for animated overlay so title is visible in the bottom overlay and any other items are shown in the overlay when the user hovers over the item.
  • Remove list reset for intro text and fulltext content
  • Add option to specify background colour and opacity for lightbox buttons
  • Adds zt-element class to like element
  • Makes resizable borders darker in admin
  • Adds border-radius theme option for controlling the border radius value for images
  • Adds item count to item element


  • Adds hover class for touch devices and caption layouts
  • Fix trashed K2 items displaying in content selection
  • Fix publish_up and publish_down dates not respected for Joomla and K2 items
  • Fix display conlict for Zentools v1 and Zentools2 backstretch slideshow
  • Fix check for no images in backstretch slideshow
  • Exif data heading no longer displayed if no exif data
  • Better check if no content source selected in module admin
  • Fix admin display for some items
  • Fix read more language string displaying when not on com_content page
  • Better warning when no items found for Joomal content source
  • Fix incorrect K2 count when limit or count empty
  • Fix issue where readmore overlay animation is shown even if overlay is disabled
  • Fix error when uninstalling package
  • Fix undefined offset for Joomla category source



  • Fixes stacked layout images on touch devices
  • Remove margin on zentools ul
  • Add variable for Backstretch title to variables.less
  • Adds hover to black or white option for images
  • Adds element count to item markup
  • Fix z-index on captions
  • Fix caption style on multiple rows
  • Adds check that title or image is available for single item layout
  • Add style for no style accordion
  • Adds fulltext image option for backstretch slideshow
  • Adds open url in new window for contact source
  • Fix missing images if not set in backstretch layout


  • Adds missing xml references for city and url for Joomla contacts
  • Fix backstretch slideshow errors when using fulltext image
  • Fix accordion arrow color when no style applied


  • Adds order by hits for Joomla and K2
  • Move backstretch slideshow title to theme panel
  • Fixes firefox admin js error
  • Adds missing UI images for admin
  • Fix overlay readmore for accordion
  • Fix incorrect markup in accordion
  • Adds city block for Joomla contacts source
  • Fix link for webpage for joomla contacts


Please note that after installing this update you will need to compile less to css in the module admin. eg click on create master css and also any custom css for modules that are using this option.

  • Remove check for no tags for filter layout
  • Fix path to image in lightbox
  • Remove count from overview in admin
  • Fix introtext displaying instead of fulltext
  • Change filter layout to use title rather than alias
  • Remove position relative on caption displays
  • Minified css and js
  • Fix icons not showing pagination layour in some situations
  • Update language strings
  • Make zt-col collapse fopr small screens



Please note that after installing this update you will need to compile less to css in the module admin. eg click on create master css and also any custom css for modules that are using this option.

Please note that K2 users also need to re-save their module settings in order for the K2 specific fixes to apply.

  • Fix missing accordion icon when not using fa prefix
  • Fixes K2 category query
  • Remove position relative from zentools div to fix chrome fixed background bug


Please note that after installing this update you will need to compile less to css in the module admin. eg click on create master css and also any custom css for modules that are using this option.

Please note that K2 users also need to re-save their module settings in order for the K2 specific fixes to apply.


  • Add option to determine the width of the slideshow title
  • Add option to show read more only introtext available
  • Add speed controls for backstretch
  • Adds publish date tag
  • Make filter strings translatable


  • Fix incorrect use of union error when selecting multiple categories
  • Fix database call for K2 users
  • Fix order issue for K2 items
  • Fix order issue for Joomla tags
  • Fix padding on slideshow items
  • Fix position of backstretch title
  • Adds zen-icon class to backstretch arrows
  • Fix bottom margin on images using overlay
  • Fix custom style for caption effect
  • Adds position relative for caption effect and zt-item in general
  • Fix wrong image count when count higher than number of images available
  • Fix position of readmore in overlay
  • Fix K2 category as a source issues - requires user to resave module settings
  • CSS Tweaks for caption effects 
  • Set default value for pagination style
  • Remove infinite layout
  • Remove null margin on grouped items
  • Correct reference for images loaded and prevent multiple loading of script
  • Adds margin option for expanding preview
  • Fix image alignment in boxed layout
  • Make grid-col css more specific
  • Language fixes
  • Add box-sizing to zentools items
  • Fix image path in windows
  • Add asset check for readmore
  • Fix multi-column grid display
  • Fixes equal heights display
  • Remove unneeded layout blocks
  • Update pinit block and prevent unnecessary loading
  • Fix duplicate categories in select box in admin
  • Fix ordering for K2



  • Fixes extrafields error if empty
  • Fixes display of multi-column list items
  • Fix for Expanding preview not displaying content



  • Fix for custom.css not being created
  • Change com_ajax check to admin and not front end
  • Fix spacing for block level elements


  • Fixes js error in admin when selecting accordion for the first time
  • Fix positioning of style4 caption links
  • Adds link to download Zentools2 when update available

v1.0 Initial Release