Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation



As of January 2013, all new Joomlabamboo templates will be built using the T3v3 framework.

You can read about this change in direction on our Blog post - Zen to the Power of T3 -  from January 2013.


Documentation on the T3 framework website

You can view the main T3 Framework website for all general information regarding using the T3 framework. The main T3 Framework page includes documentation and video that are helpful in understanding the core features of the T3 framework.


Documentation related to Joomlabamboo templates built on the T3 framework

T3 related documentation on the Joomlabamboo knowledgebase refer to our own implementation of the T3 framework and contain developer notes and an overview of features that are implemented in our templates but are not  apart of the core T3 framework.


What is T3?

The T3 framework is a Joomla template toolkit that provides a set of useful tools for creating Joomla templates. It is developed by Joomlart and released as an open source platform that anyone can use.

It is an installable plugin that is installed in addition to your Joomla template but essentially sits in the background providing some of the core functionality and features that ship as a part of the template's feature set.


T3v3 Features:

  • Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 compatible
  • Built using bootstrap
  • Built in LESS compiler
  • Theme Magic for customising your template on the fly
  • Responsive layouts with easy to use draggable interface
  • Beautifull Mega Menu
  • Fast and light weight
  • HTML5 built in