Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


themeThe theme panel displays settings relevant to the colour of the Joomla template, the logo and the menu.




The theme used by the template. 

(Previous Zen Grid Framework users please note that the  theme option is the same as the hilite option.)


Files for each theme are located in the following locations:

development mode enabled: templates/your template / less / themes / your theme

development mode disabled: templates/your template / css / themes / your theme



Logo Type

Choose from image or Text.



Logo as Text options

Site Name. The text to be used for the logo.



Logo Size. The font-size to use for the logo


Logo Class. The class to wrap around the logo text.


Logo Font-Family. The font-family to use for the logo.


Logo as Image options

Logo Image. Image uploader that uploads the file you want to use for the logo.


This file can be any type of image file and is uploaded to templates/your template/images/logo folder.



General Logo options

Logo Alignment. The alignment applied to the logo within the actual logo container.



Slogan. The tagline for the site which sits under the logo.



Menu Settings

Menu Alignment.

 The alignment of the menu within the parent menu container.


Developer note.

  • In most cases the file that renders the logo is the templates/your template/tpls/blocks/logo.php
  • In most cases the file that renders the logo is the templates/your template/tpls/blocks/menu.php
  • There are some instances where these blocks of code are moved to different block files to suit a specific design.