What is this?

The main slideshow on the front page under the menu and above the main page content. This is an instance of the Zentools2 module published to the banner position. It uses the backstretch slideshow layout option available in Zentools2.

Zentools2 Slideshow

Steps to recreate this module

Module Manager

  1. Navigate to the module manager in your Joomla administrator via extensions > Module Manager
  2. Click new
  3. Select the zentools2 type module
  4. Give the module a name that you will remember eg like slideshow
  5. Set the module title to hide
  6. Assign the module to a module position (banner).
  7. Ensure the module is published

Module settings


  1. Select the backstretch slideshow layout
  2. Select your content source eg Joomla
  3. Set your layout tags eg image, title, introtext, readmore

Layout settings

Image settings. Image settings Title Settings title settings Introtext Settings Introtext settings Readmore Settings Readmore settings

  1. Set your desired module settings eg slide duration etc

Module Options


  1. Go to the content panel
  2. Adjust the content settings so that the module shows the correct content

Module Content

Save the module

  1. Click the save button in the top left of the page.