Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


Fixes issue with colorbox not loading.


Addresses a potential security issue. All users are advised to update to this version.



Fixes an issue with a missing element for displaying K2 items.


  • Updated to work with JB LIbrary v1.2.
  • Moved image processing to JB LIbrary with our new custom image processing script.
  • Added check for JB LIbrary v1.2 in library dependant modules.
  • Implemented accordion in admin parameters.
  • Reorganised parameters to make more user friendly.
  • MVC format across all modules.
  • Added css and js loading options.
  • Added caching to all modules if missing.
  • K2 content modules now have the ability to select articles from a list rather than specifying ids.

Manual Update
Install the new package via the Joomla installer.
Also please ensure that you have already installed the new version of the JB Library plugin.


  • Fixed issue where if lightbox gallery was attached to the main image and to the view image link then multiple instances of the image would be shown.


  • Fixes the image.php file for improved server variable detection.


  • Fixes gallery navigation in colorbox.
  • Fixes bug with Colorbox rel tags.
  • Changes default behaviour for plugin rendering


  • Fixes issue with k2 item images not displaying.


  • This version improves the handling of the js and css files when using multiple instances of the module or microbog module on the page when using the fancybox option.