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What is the Zen Grid Framework v4?

The Zen Grid Framework v4 (ZGFv4) is the fourth iteration of the template framework used in Joomlabamboo based themes. ZGF4v4 is compatible with Joomla 3+.

ZGFv4 is a collection of files located in the zen folder of all zgfv4 based themes that drives the template interface as well as providing many of the tools that underpin the functions in each ZGFv4 based theme.

The framework itself is automatically added to each template release and is not packaged as an extra plugin or zip to install.

We did this in order to reduce the complexity for end users maintaining their site as well as an attempt to reduce the overhead and improve performance of the theme.

Most of the theme's functionality is compiled and compressed in the template admin rather than at run time. This leads to a faster experience for your end users because there are very few front end server side processes that run when a page loads.

Templates built using Zen Grid Framework v4