Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

Joomla 2.5 Version


  • Adds no follow to print and email links in K2 template
  • Adds precontent plugin hook to articles

Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload html/com_content/article/default.php
  • Upload html/com_k2/templates/grid2/item.php



  • Added support for Joomla 2.5 content images and links

Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload html/com_content


  • Added support for K2 2.5+

Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload css/k2.css
  • Upload html/com_k2


  • Initial Release

Joomla 1.5 version


  • Updated k2 overrides to be compatible with k2 2.5
  • Manual Update
  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload css/k2.css
  • Upload html/com_k2


  • Fixed issue with divider below the logo not displaying
  • Fixed issue with k2 item padding
  • Updated templateDetails to unpublish modules that rent available in this template
  • Fixed language strings for hidden panel
  • Reinstated translation for panel trigger text
  • Reinstated widths for panel positions
  • Manual Update
  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload layout/logo.php
  • Upload layout/main.php
  • Upload/layout/frontpage.php
  • Adjust the following rule in the css/k2.css file and remove the padding-right rule: .itemListCategory


  • Fix for Virtuemart add to cart button not showing due to z-index issue.
  • Added override for frontpage override in case Virtuemart doesnt have a menu id and decides to display the cart on the front page.
  • Fix for the Search results offset right padding.
  • Manual Update
  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload layouts/frontpage.php
  • Add the following to your css/theme.css file:
  • /* Fixes for Virtuemart */
  • #vmMainPage
  • .cbContainer
  • /* Fixes for Virtuemart */#vmMainPage .cbContainer
  • and adjust the search results rule so it looks like this
  • .results ol.list li


  • Removed template.css from css/css.php
  • Fixed rootcheck in index.php file
  • Fixed naming conflict with Community Builder and the hidden panel
  • Improved hidden panel if statements
  • Cleaned up css files
  • Restored better defaults for params.ini

Files Affected:

  • css/css.php
  • index.php
  • templateDetails.xml
  • js/template.js
  • layout/frontpage.php
  • layout/main.php


  • This update makes the Grid2 template compatible with v1.1 of the Zen Grid Framework.

Manual Update

  • Depending on how much you have customised the template this may be easy or a little tricky. The 1.1 version of the template is a relatively large rewrite of the core files so in most instances it will be easier to install the latest version and reinstate the changes made to your template.
  • Update 1.0+ version of the zen grid framework to v1.1+.
  • Make a backup of your current template. I find the best way to do this is to rename the folder on the server to something like grid2_old
  • Install latest version of the template via the Joomla installer.
  • Main files that will be affected are the files in the layout, so if you have made any changes to the layout folder files then you will need to go through and address those changes.
  • Go into the grid2 template administrator and reinstated the layout and other template settings you had used previously or follow the instruction below for updating the params.ini file:
  • The current settings of your template can be saved by restoring the backup of your old templates/grid2/params.ini file.


  • Fixed Margin issue on article page when all meta info is unpublished
  • Fixed issue with latest news items not being clickable in IE7

Manual Update

  • Upload html/com_content/article/default.phpChange the following rule in the css/theme.css file:
  • #slideShowContainer1


Fix for the blog category display bug.

Manual Update

Remove templates/grid2/html/com_content/category/blog.phpUpload templates/grid2/html/com_content/category/blog_item.php


  • Removed extra unneeded padding on some of the hilite files.
  • Fixed typo in the appearance parameters and reworked description to make sense.
  • Fixed transparency on jblight.png.
  • Fixed advert position layout issues.
  • Fixed issue with the icons not displaying on category page.
  • Added more flexibility to the gradient on the category page to if only title is shown.

Manual Update

  • Upload css/theme.cssUpload css/hilites/Original_Grid_Wall.cssUpload css/hilites/Graph_simple.cssUpload css/hilites/Graph_simple2.cssUpload css/hilites/Original_Grid_Wall_purple.cssUpload css/hilites/Dark_Scratches.cssUpload css/hilites/Dark.cssUpload css/hilites/Original_Grid_Icon_Texture.cssUpload css/hilites/Graph1.cssUpload css/hilites/Graph2.cssUpload css/hilites/Graph3.cssUpload css/hilites/Blue_Scratches.cssUpload css/hilites/Board_Scratches.cssUpload css/hilites/Brown_Scratches.cssUpload css/hilites/Light_Scratches.cssUpload css/hilites/Light.cssUpload css/extracss.phpUpload templateDetails.xmlUpload layout/main.phpUpload html/com_content/category/default.phpUpload html/com_content/article/default.phpUpload /grid2_jun10/trunk/html/com_content/category/blog_item.phpUpload images/jblight.png
  • For the most part these files can be uploaded as its doubtful that they would have been edited. In the case of the theme.css file the following rule was added just after the .jbMeta rule:
  • .jbMeta.nopadding
  • The hilite files had one rule added:
  • .fullWrap


  • Fixes issue with article title not showing if certain metadata tags arent also showing.
  • Fixed .subCategoryContainer not floating left

Manual Update

  • Upload html/com_content/articles/default.phpUpload templateDetails.xml


  • Fixes editor error not being able to find the editor's template.css.
  • Manual UpdateUpload css/template.css to the css folder.


  • Updated to work with v1.0.5.3 + of the Zen Grid Framework

Manual Update

  • Upload layout/main.phpUpload layout/frontpage.phpUpload layout/top.php (make sure this is enabled in the layout template override section)Upload templateDetails.xml


  • A little fix that addresses the issue with the pencil icon not clickable when logged in.

Manual Update

  • Add the following to your theme.css file
  • .contentpaneopen_edit
  • Update template version to v1.0.5 in the templateDetails.xml file.


  • Fixes issue with the gradient bar appearing even if title, author details etc are not published.
  • Fixes issue with front page override if displaying content items and disabling the frontpage override.

Manual Update

  • Upload html/com_content/frontpage folder to html/com_content/frontpage.Add the following css to the theme.css rule and remove the existing .jbFrontPage rule:
  • div#jbArticle,div.jbFrontPage


  • Fixes issue with folder path in templateDetails.xml
  • Fixes issues with the display of meta information such as pdf buttons, and author names to produce a more consistent layout.
  • Fixed issue with edit icon messing with the floats when a user was logged in.

Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml file to template root.Upload html/com_content folder to html/com_content.Add the following to the theme.css file in css/ folder:
  • .contentpaneopen_edit
  • Please note that when you upload the templateDetails.xml file you may need to go in and reapply your logo path settings.You may also need to rename the template path in your templates/ folder to jb_grid2.We have started to standardise template paths and grid2 was shipped with /grid2 for a folder path and not /jb_grid2.


  • Fixes the issues with undefined path in the template admin.

Manual Update

  • Upload the templateDetails.xml file to templates/grid2 folder.


  • Fixes issue with Adblocker blocking captifyContent in advert1 to advert6 positions.

Manual Update

  • Upload latout/main.php and layout/frontpage.php files to the template/grid2/layout folder.Upload templateDetails.xml to templates/grid2 folder to increment the version number.


  • Fixes problem with SEF urls where the panel image doesn't show.
  • Adds missing jblight and jbdark images

Manual Update

  • Upload the css/extraCSS.php file to templates/grid2/css.Upload jblight.png and jbdark.png to the images folder.Upload and overwrite the templateDetails.xml file to increment the version number.