Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


April 26th, 2018

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • CSS error on Login button
  • Restyle for Email Article
  • Restyle for Notice Message
  • iphone Portrait: Should have style for sub menu
  • Iphone portrait: CSS error on menu has sub
  • Get style error when enable Development mode
  • Skip component doesn't work
  • Doesn't show slogan on Front-end
  • Can't Edit Module in Homepage
  • Edit Article: doesn't show Captcha & Custom field
  • Missing style for Menus have subitem
  • Modal Style not correct
  • Module Overview: style not nice
  • Homepage: Missing module project
  • Homepage: remove the space in Front porfolio

Changed files:

  • css/template.css
  • css/themes/apple/template.css
  • css/themes/aqua/template.css
  • css/themes/aquarium/template.css
  • css/themes/arc/template.css
  • css/themes/blues/template.css
  • css/themes/bubblegum/template.css
  • css/themes/cargo/template.css
  • css/themes/corporate-orange/template.css
  • css/themes/css/template.css
  • css/themes/ecored/template.css
  • css/themes/floss/template.css
  • css/themes/fresh/template.css
  • css/themes/green/template.css
  • css/themes/lipstick/template.css
  • css/themes/luna/template.css
  • css/themes/melon/template.css
  • css/themes/oceanic/template.css
  • css/themes/peacholive/template.css
  • css/themes/plum/template.css
  • css/themes/red/template.css
  • css/themes/sugar/template.css
  • css/themes/tangelo/template.css
  • css/themes/thin/template.css
  • css/themes/twopoint/template.css
  • less/layout.less
  • less/grid3.less
  • less/menu.less
  • tpls/blocks/mainbody-center.php
  • tpls/blocks/mainbody-right.php
  • tpls/blocks/mainbody.php
  • less/frontend-edit.less
  • tpls/default-content-right.php
  • tpls/default-home.php
  • tpls/default.php
  • tpls/sidebar-right.php
  • tpls/sidebar1-mainbody-sidebar2.php
  • tpls/blocks/logo.php
  • css/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/apple/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/aqua/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/aquarium/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/arc/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/blues/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/bubblegum/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/cargo/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/corporate-orange/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/css/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/ecored/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/floss/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/fresh/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/green/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/lipstick/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/luna/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/melon/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/oceanic/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/peacholive/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/plum/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/red/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/sugar/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/tangelo/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/thin/template-responsive.css
  • css/themes/twopoint/template-responsive.css
  • less/navigation-responsive.less
  • less/joomla.less
  • tpls/all-positions.php
  • less/typography.less



Updated to work with T3 v1.4+

Fixes menu issues

Removed favicon to prevent gettign overwritten

Changed files:

less folder (Hit compile less to css in admin after uploading)







Please backup your current files before proceeding with this update. Updated to be compatible with T3 v1.2

Added support for the new off canvas menu type

Adds navcollapse variable in the Theme Magic settings to control the browser width that should trigger the collapse menu.

Fix for wrong name space for back to top

Fixed double back to top icon

Adds check for custom.css file and removes custom.css fiel from package

Adds ability to use Google font subsets

Fix for http and https code for html5 shiv

Fix for always show nav option

Adds body class fucntionality

Changed Files:















css folder - click compile to less in template admin to update.


Updated to be compatible with T3 v1.1 - Please note that this is a major update and there are more files than usual needed to be updated in this case.


Grid3 is now compatible with T3v1.1

Added flexibility for custom css loading.

Support for Mega Menu

This version of the template must use T3v3 v1.1+. The T3V3 1.1 plugin is technically a separate plugin to the V1.0 so you will also need to uninstall the JAT3v3 v1.0 plugin.


Update instructions.

If you have made no changes to your template then you should be able to install the Grid3 v1.1 package on top of your existing site. Please create an akeeba backup of your site before doing so.


If you have made changes to the theme then you will need to manually upload the files for your template as per the list of changed files below.


Changed Files:

Remove font/ folder (optional)

Upload admin/default_overview.php

Upload component.php

Upload index.php

Upload js/template.js

Upload less/bootstrap-responsive.less

Upload less/bootstrap.less

Upload less/layout.less

Upload less/vars.less

Upload templateDetails.xml

Upload templateInfo.php

Upload tpls/blocks/head.php

Upload tpls/blocks/nav.php



Fixed League Gothic font loading

Fixed various styling

Changed files: /tpls/blocks/head.php, /less/layout.less, /less/typography.less


Fixed all IE layout

Fixed IE8 font-sizing

Quickstart is now shipped with Development mode switched off inside template setting.


Fixed image as logo inside template setting

Fixed wrong display of breadcrumbs in FF


v1.0 Initial Release