Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


Updated with compatibility for Zen Grid Framework v2.2.0.

Please note that because of the unique design of this theme the sticky nav and toggle menu options have not ben implemented in this template.

  • Adds clean cache buttons for css and js.

Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml



Fixes issue with attachments in k2 not working

Manual Update

Upload templateDetails.xml

Upload html/com_k2/templates/platform/item.php



  • Fix for k2 item resizing not working.
  • Fix for iPad masonry widths
  • Adds Scroll to top text parameter

Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload css/ipad.css
  • Upload html/com_k2/templates/platform/item.php



  • Fix for missing closing divs on article and category pages.
  • Standardised create date and publish date format
  • Fixed modify date not displaying
  • Fix for wrong icon being used on page navigation
  • Corrects positioning of social icons when not positioned int he left column
  • Fix for offline mode not working

Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload offline.php
  • Upload css/ all hilite files (if you have modified the hilite file see below).
  • Upload html/com_content folder

If you have made changes to the hilite file you need to change the rule at line 231 to look like the rule below. {codecitation} ul.pagination span,ul.pagenav .pagenav-next a {background-position:-42px 0} {/codecitation} Also a small change with the css related to the #socialicons on line 273 of the css/theme.css file. {codecitation} #socialicons {/codecitation} becomes {codecitation} #left #socialicons {/codecitation}



v2.0 Initial Release