Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


Updated 15/01/19


  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: style error on on page Contact
  • [3.9]Privacy link display error on Registration page when enabling Privacy/term plugins
  • Missing style message alert on some pages
  • Edit icon display error on article when show Email/Print
  • Missing style for Email popup on article

Changed Files

  • js/gallery-with-all-libs.js
  • js/gallery.js
  • js/lib/masonry.pkgd.min.js
  • includes/logic.php
  • index.php
  • less/forms.less
  • less/icons.less
  • less/logo.less
  • less/menu.less
  • less/offline.less
  • less/style.less
  • less/theme.less
  • less/variables.less
  • less/bootstrap/alerts.less


April 27th, 2018

  • Feature setting is overriden after reinstall
  • Templateid not defined while creating new Gallery

Changed Files

  • js/gallery.js
  • includes/helpers/helper-image-resize.php


11th April, 2018

  • Update to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • Get code error on Feature page, Feature 2, Feature Slideshow, FullScreen slideshow
  • Get code error on Parallax Page, Split Screen Example
  • Homepage, Background theme: missing the title
  • Style not nice when set to Use as Standard template
  • Smart Search: can't click to close expand
  • CSS error on Login Part
  • Search: Restyle for button
  • Contact form: Minor bug on checkbox
  • Edit Module button: Tooltip in wrong position
  • CSS error on Single Article edit button
  • Homepage not show Gallery if set to use Google CDN
  • Get error Undefinde when click to About me Image
  • Backend: CSS error on Custom Scripts
  • Backend: Duplicate setting Map
  • Style not nice when set Border or Rounded
  • Set style Image to Shadow, can't see on front-end
  • Iphone: Not see gallery after go to menu No Gallery Item
  • Iphone portrait: CSS error on Previous button
  • Edit Module: Load to another page when click to choose Image
  • Backend: list image not in right place

Changed Files

  • includes/helpers/galleryhelper.php
  • tpls/home/home-photoset.php
  • templateDetails.xml
  • less/layout-marginless.less
  • less/home-photoset.less
  • less/core.less
  • includes/helpers/galleryhelper.php
  • tpls/layout/featured-2.php
  • tpls/layout/featured-slideshow.php
  • tpls/layout/fullscreen.php
  • tpls/layout/parallax.php
  • tpls/layout/split.php
  • less/style.less
  • less/zenmixins.less
  • index.php
  • includes/logic.php
  • less/core.less
  • less/forms.less
  • js/gallery.js
  • tpls/home/home-photoset.php
  • includes/helpers/helper-compresser.php
  • js/lib/modernizr.js
  • includes/admin/css/gallery.css
  • includes/admin/less/gallery.less
  • includes/helpers/helper-get-images.php


  • Fix caching gallery details issue
  • Adds Joomla file system libs
  • Adds missing module positions

Changed Files

  • includes/
  • templateDetails.xml
  • fields/gallery


  • Fix for content pages height not displaying properly

Changed Files

  • less/theme.less (Compile LESS to CSS to see these changes on your site)


  • Fix for images not resized on some servers
  • Javascript error fixed relating to check gallery function

v1.0 Initial Release