Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation


April 24, 2018

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8
  • Remove weblinks
  • Can't sticky Nav
  • T3 backend: Missing language
  • Can't skip component content
  • Navigation need more styled
  • Missing active style on footer menu
  • Email form is not styled
  • Redirection to 404 page when open Contact page
  • Got CSS error on Popover style
  • Edit article page is not styled
  • Can't edit module on the frontend
  • Missing image in Typography page
  • Iphone/Ipad: Panel button is missing background color

Changed Files

  • less/joomla/content.less
  • less/joomla/loggedin.less
  • less/layout/footer.less
  • less/menu/navigation-core.less
  • less/menu/stickynav.less
  • tpls/blocks/mainbody.php
  • tpls/default.php
  • css/bootstrap-responsive.css
  • css/bootstrap.css
  • css/megamenu-responsive.css
  • css/megamenu.css
  • css/off-canvas.css
  • css/template-responsive.css
  • css/template.css
  • less/frontend-edit.less
  • less/joomla/content.less
  • less/joomla/loggedin.less
  • etc/layout/default.ini
  • css/themes/beauty/template.css
  • css/themes/bold/template.css
  • css/themes/css/template.css
  • css/themes/growth/template.css
  • css/themes/origami/template.css
  • css/themes/sugarrush/template.css
  • css/themes/tech/template.css


  • Added better front end edit support
  • Fixes radio buttons for Joomla 2.5
  • Fix for menu hover state for recent T3
  • Fixes js error in ie8

Changed Files

  • less/base.less
  • less/layout/tabs.less
  • templateDetails.xml
  • tpls/blocks/fonts.php
  • tpls/defaul.php
  • tpls/modules-only.php
  • tpls/sidebar-left.php
  • tpls/sidebar-main-sidebar.php
  • less/template.less
  • less.frontend-edit.less


  • Renamed language folder for installer
  • Adds check for top spotlight
  • T3 responsive class fix
  • Removes back link from sub pages
  • Fix for overflow auto on tabs

Changed Files

  • templateDetails.xml
  • tpls/blocks/footer.php
  • less/template-responsive.less
  • tpls/blocks/top.php
  • language folder
  • less/layout/tabs.less



  • Added side-main-side layout
  • Removes favicon

Changed Files:

  • less/layout/maincontent.less
  • less/layout/contentright.less
  • less/layout/sidemainside.less
  • less/template.less
  • tpls/blocks/mainbody-right.php
  • tpls/blocks/sidebar-mainbody-sidebar.php
  • tpls/sidebar-main-sidebar.php
  • templateDetails.xml
  • remove favicons.ico



  • Fix for navcollapse variable not being picked up across all responsive files
  • Adjustment for simple list mixin to reinstate correct margin.
Changed Files:
  • less/megamenu-responsive.less
  • less/megamenu.less
  • less/menu.less
  • less/off-canvas.less
  • templateDetails.xml
  • css/ Recompile css after uploading the preceeding files.



  • Updated to support Joomla 3.1 tags
  • Fix for navcollapse width issue.
  • Fix for Modal Windown below overlay
  • Respond.js only loads for IE now
  • Adds tagline enable and custom font enable options
  • Fixed language strings
  • Improved check for front page
  • Fixes login module overflowing the main container
  • Fix for menu bug with ipad screen rotation


Changed Files:

  • less/ - Upload entire less folder and hit compile less to css in the template admin
  • templateDetails.xml
  • tpls/block/head.php
  • tpls/block/logo.php
  • tpls/default.php
  • tpls/sidebar-left.php
  • templateInfo.php




Updated to T3 and Joomla 3.

Please note that the version number has changed to fit in with the standard T3 numbering system we use.



Removes Font Awesome assets from template - use JB Type now.

Adds Clearfix to layout blocks

Adds custom_rename_to_custom.css file

Fix for missing image path for parent menu items.


Changed Files

  • less/ Once uploaded hit compile to less in template admin
  • fonts/ Removed Font Awesome and Social Foundation Assets
  • tpls/blocks/
  • Added custom_rename_to_custom.css



Fix for font icons not showing in firefox.

Manual Update

Upload less/fonts/font-awesome then hit compile to less in template admin



Initial Release




Fix for mediaqueries toggle not working.

Added missing index.html files.


Manual Update


  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload includes/templateVariables.php
  • Upload index.html files to the following folders:









Fix for navigation on article pages not showing

Renamed header comments in hilite files

Fix for K2 latest items container not filling the width of the page.

Added tag layout view

Added fixedleft and fixedright social icon positions.


Manual Update

Upload trunk/templateDetails.xml

Upload html/com_k2/templates/tag.php

Upload css/k2.css (See below)

Upload html/com_content/articles/default.php


Changes to the css/k2.css file:



.latestItemsContainer {

width: 100% !important;float: left;





Fixes typo in hilite files for moduletable-superfish classes.

Fixes short tag use in search overrides.


Manual Update

Upload templateDetails.xml

Upload css/hilite[hilite].css files. (or rename the .modueltable-superfish class to -moduletable-superfish)

Upload html/mod_search




Compatibility release for v2.2.0 of the Zen Grid Framework. Please ensure to also install the v2.2.0 of the Zen Grid Framework when upgrading to v2.2+.

  • Adds the new Toggle Menu option for small browsers.
  • Adds the Sticky Nav option
  • Adjusted padding sub menu separators in Joomla 2.5


Manual Update

  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload css/MediaQueries.css (See changes below)
  • Upload css/hilite[option].css files. (See changes below)
  • Upload css/theme.css file (See changes below)


Fix for padding on sub menu separators in css/hilite[your hilite].css:



/* Image for Sub Parent Items---------------------------------------------------*/

#nav ul ul a.sf-with-ul,#nav ul ul a.sf-with-ul:hover,

#nav ul li li a.mainlevel.sf-with-ul,

#nav ul.sf-js-enabled li li span.mainlevel span,

#nav ul li li span.mainlevel span,

#nav ul ul span.separator,.moduletable-superfish ul ul a.sf-with-ul,

.moduletable-superfish ul ul a.sf-with-ul:hover,

.moduletable-superfish ul ul li.parent span.separator,

.moduletable-superfish ul ul li li.parent span.separator,

.moduletable-superfish ul li li span.mainlevel span,

#nav ul li li span.separator {

background: url(../images/menu/navParent.png) no-repeat 96% center !important;  padding-left:10px;text-indent: 0;}



Changes to the css/theme.css file.



#nav ul li li span.separator {padding: 0 0 0 10px !important;}



Changes to the mediaqueries.css



/* CSS for the mobile menu */

#mobilemenu {display: block;padding: 15px 0 10px;width: 100%;}

#mobilemenu select {width: 70% !important;margin: 0 auto;display: block;}

.fullwrap.togglemenu #menuwrap,.fullwrap.selectmenu #menuwrap,.fullwrap.togglemenu #mobilemenu  {display: none;}


/* Togglemenu */

#togglemenu {display: block;padding: 10px 0 0 10px;}

.fullwrap.togglemenu #navwrap .inner, .fullwrap.togglemenu #navwrap .row, .fullwrap.togglemenu #navwrap .container {border: 0;padding: 0;}



Fixes issue with modified date not showing up.

Manual Update:

  • Upload templateDetails.xml
  • Upload html/com_content folder



Adds option for back to top text in tools > effects panel

Manual Update:

  • Upload templateDetails.xml



Fixes error with offline page causing a 404 not found error

Fixes offline.php not declared in installer.

Fixes issue with the plugin after render hook not rendering the plugin

Small fix for mobile menu

Added respond.js andd csspie options in the admin.

Added support for new accordion menu and options under the panel menu.

Please also update to the latets version of the Zen Grid Framework


Manual Update

Upload templateDetails.xml

Upload html/com_content/article/default.php

Upload offline.php


Fixes issue with pencil edit icon not being displayed when some meta information is hidden.

Adds missing google+, twitter and facebook icons to the k2 overrides.

Manual Update

Upload templateDetails.xml

Upload html/com_k2 folder

Upload html/com_content/article folder



Update to work with v2.0.5 of the framework. (Please ensure you also install v2.0.5 of the framework with this update.)

Updated k2 overrides to work with k2 2.5.x

Manual Update

Upload templateDetails.xml

Upload html/com_k2/ folder

Upload css/k2.css



Fixes issue where analytics, tagline and copyright wouldnt accept html characters.


Fixes template image declaration missing in the templateDetails.xml file.

Manual Update

Upload templateDetails.xml


Initial Release