Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

Joomla 1.6 Template Version


Updated css for superfish menu to suit the latest version of the framework.

Fleshed out the hilites with a better "skeleton" of styles.

Added missing css.php for the css compressor

Added hilite array to the templateVariables.php



  • Fixed error on featured article page
  • Fixed issue with text not white on logoRow
  • Small refinements to the css

Manual Update

  • Upload template Detail.xml
  • Upload css/theme.css
  • Upload html/com_content/featured folder



Initial Release

Joomla 1.5 Template Version


  • Fixed default css with duplicate bg rule.
  • Fixed validation error in css file
  • Removed template.css from the css.php array
  • Better default settings in the params.ini file.



  • Updated to be compatible with v1.1 of the zgf


  • Fleshed out css classes in the theme.css. Now contains all classes available in the core framework markup with a better hierachy.
  • Added ie6, ie7, custom css start files that can be found in the css folder. Need to rename to ie6.css, ie7.css and custom.css file for them to get included properly.
  • Added template.js and template(uncompressed).js starter file in the js folder. Need to rename in order to be included.
  • Added missing index.html files from various folders.
  • Updated the templateDetails.xml file to include update to analytics code positioning.
  • Updated modules.php file to use the jb Module chrome if needed.



  • Added option to specify the panel height.


  • Fixed issue with installer.


  • Fixes issue with some servers not finding the docroot.


  • Small fix to the installer.