Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

In this tutorial we are going to install the JCE JB Type plugin into JCE editor – this enables JB Type styles to be added directly to Joomla articles using a drop down list.

  • The JCE editor is available for download from (opens in new window)
  • You can download the JB Type plugin and JCE JB Type plugin here (both free downloads + opens in new window)
1.Download and install
1.1 Download JCE editor, JCE JB Type plugin and the JB Type extension.
1.2 In the control panel navigate to Extensions and select extension manager
1.3 Click the browse button and select the JCE editor download
1.4 Click the upload button to install
1.5 Repeat the process 2-4 for the JB Type download but NOT for the JCE JB Type download.
Joomla extension manager
2. Set JCE as Default Editor
2.1 Navigate to the site tab in the control panel and click global configuration.
2.2 Click the Select Editor drop down list and choose “Editor - JCE”.
2.3 Then click save and close.

Setting JCE Editor as default editor Joomla Global Configuration

3. Enable JB Type Plugin
3.1 Navigate to the Extension tab and click Plugin Manager
3.2 Find on the list “System – JB Type” and click the red circle to ensure the plugin is published with a tick.
Publish JB Type plugin in the Plugin Manager
4. JCE Configuration
4.1 Navigate to the components tab
4.2 Select JCE Administrator and click the control panel option
4.3 Click the Install add-ons tab
4.4 Choose the browse button and select the JCE JB Type plugin download.
4.5 Click the install a package button
4.6 The JCE JB Type Plugin is now installed into the JCE editor.
JCE Configuration Installing the JCE JB Type Plugin in the JCE Component
5. Add JB Type styles to the Joomla article
4.2 Open an article of your choice
4.3 Choose from the various styles offered in the JCE JB Type plugin drop down list and add them to your article.
Adding JB Type styles using a drop down list to a Joomla article