Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

The Presto template is a complete gallery solution that is built in to the code of a template. It is not a module or component and does not require any other components or plugins in order for it to work.

Why build functionality like this into a template?

We created the template because we felt that there was an easier way to create image galleries in Joomla without requiring a dedicated theme to match your current template, or using a module or plugin inserted into your content items in an effort to replicate the display of a dedicated gallery component. 

Presto was also borne out of the desire to create a gallery solution that provides an inutitive interface and workflow for creating flexible responsive galleries.

An overview of how Presto works?

  • All control for the galleries are provided from within the template administration.
  • Each instance of the Presto template represents a collection of galleries.
  • A multiple category gallery could be created by using multiple instances of the Presto gallery assigned to different menu items.
  • The content for each gallery is stored in a json file in the galleries folder.
  • CSS and JS assets are generated for each instance of the Presto template and stored in the relevant css and js folder with the id of the template instance attached. Assets for each gallery are only loaded by that template instance.
  • CSS and JS are automatically updated when gallery settings change.
  • The order the galleries appear in each instance are stored in the settings folder.