Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

For all Joomla 3+ templates built using the Zen Grid Framework v4 (any theme after October 2014) please refer to the Zen Grid Framework v4 documentation.

If you are using the in built javascript compression for your Zen Grid Framework file you will notice that all of the javascript that is rendered from the framework is compiled into a file called zengrid.js. This file is rendered dynamically and depending on the settings for your template it may contain compressed versions of the following files:

  • templates/zengridframework/js/effects/slide.js
  • templates/zengridframework/js/menus/superfish.js
  • templates/zengridframework/js/menus/accordionmenu.js
  • templates/zengridframework/js/menus/jquery.cookie.js
  • templates/zengridframework/js/menus/jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js
  • templates/zengridframework/js/modal/hiddenpanel.js
  • templates/zengridframework/js/modal/jquery.popup.js
  • templates/zengridframework/js/tabs/jbtabs.js

While it is not recommended to edit any of the files in the Zen Grid Framework, if you need to adjust the code in any of these files then you will need to edit these files directly rather than editing the zengrid.js file.


The zengrid.js file is rendered in this location:

  • cache/zengridframework/js/zengrid.js