Joomlabamboo template and extension documentation

Compatible with Joomla 2.5 / Joomla 3+ .

Please note that the Profile template does not require any extra framework plugins to work.

Overview of default template settings

The screenshots below are taken from the template administrator and highlight the default settings for this template.











Starting with Profile from a fresh installation.

The following steps outline the process involved for setting this template up in a new or existing Joomla installation. Please note: We recommend users use our quickstart packages if they have the opportunity to start completely from scratch.

Elements to install

  • Install the Profile template and make it the default - Download
  • Install JB Type - required for typography and font icons - Download
  • Install the JB Maps - Google maps in a module - Download
  • Install the Dribblr - Dribble shots in a module - Download
  • Install Zentools - Multiple galleries in a module - Download
  • Install Zensocial - Social icons in a module - Download

Elements to modify

  • Since the Profile template is a one page theme that uses modules to create the content there are no elements to modify when installing into a default Joomla installation.

Creating your first slide

In order to start publishing content to your Profile website you need to publish at least one module to any of the slide1 to slide6 module posisions. When each module is pusblished to a position the corresponding icon will appear in the navigation area for the theme. The icomn used to triggher a given panel can be selected in the Slide Details template admin panel as shown in the screen  shot above.

Example markup used to create the avatar in each slide.

The demo site for the Profile template uses custom html modules to populate its content.

The markup used to create the avatar and tagline is as follows.

<p><img class="profile" src="/http://your_image_here.jpg" alt="Profile" /></p>
<h1>Charlie Parker</h1>
<p>Lover - Fighter - Photographer.</p>

Available module positions


Controlling the appearance

The main colours, background image, box image and pixel background overlay are all controllable from the appearance panel in the template administrator.

Profile settings

  • Template Width - determines the maximum width of the template
  • Link color - determines the color used for links in the template
  • Background Image - determines the image to be used for the background of the template
  • Box Image - determines the background image to use in the content box in the template
  • Pixel Image - allows the user to enable or disable the pixel overlay that sits between the background image and the main content box.

Frontpage Overview



The profile theme is a single page template that uses a collection of modules to showcase your content.

profiel modules

Each custom html module here uses the core avatar code as posted in the getting started section above.

Extensions used on the demo site

  • JB Maps - Module used to display google map Features
  • JB Type - required for typography and font icons - Download
  • Dribblr - Dribble shots in a module - Download
  • Zentools - Multiple galleries in a module - Download
  • Zensocial - Social icons in a module - Download