Row Styles

What are row styles?

Row styles allow the user to change the background of an entire row of modules.

There are typically a selection of row styles available in each template that have a relation to the primary and secondary colours specified in the template.

Primary and Secondary

Which modules do the rows refer to?

The rows refer to the following module groupings.

  • Top row - top1,top2,top3,top4
  • Banner row - banner
  • Grid1 row - grid1,grid2,grid3,grid4
  • Grid2 row - grid5,grid6,grid7,grid8
  • Grid3 row - grid9,grid10,grid11,grid12
  • Grid4 row - grid13,grid14,grid15,grid16
  • Grid5 row - grid17,grid18,grid19,grid20
  • Grid6 row - grid21,grid22,grid23,grid24
  • Bottom row - bottom1,bottom2,bottom3,bottom4,bottom5,bottom6
  • Top row - top1,top2,top3,top4

Where do you set the row style?

The row style is applied to a row of modules grouped by their respective rows in the theme panel of the template.

Row Styles in the template settings Row styles

Example Options Row Style Options