Medica quote

The quote module is a zentools2 module. In the quickstart package it is titled 'Bottom Stacked', id 465 and is assigned to the 'bottom1' position.

It used the 'stacked' layout and 'gallery' as a content source.



The module uses 3 elements, image, title and introtext.

layout settings

Image settings

image settings

Title Settings

Title Settings

Introtext Settings

introtext settings


The module is set to show one item.

gallery tab

After dragging an image into the gallery area, expand the item by clicking on the green icon and fill in the intortext area.

gallery item options

You can find more information about how to use the gallery content source here: zentools2 curated gallery instructions


In the advanced tab, the module has a class suffix of ' nomargin' (with a space at the start).

advanced tab settings