Three items beneath the slideshow

What is this?

The three items that sit beneath the slideshow on the Medica frontpage is an instance of the Zentools2 module displaying items in a grid published to the grid1 position.

Please note that when adding new content to this area, you may run into a Joomla menu itemid issue. This issue can be seen when items are clicked on, the url changes in the browser window however the website appears to load the front page. If you are experiencing this issue please visit this tutorial on fixing the Joomla menu item id issue.

Zentools grid

The layout items being used are:

  • Image
  • Title
  • Introtext
  • Readmore

Module settings

Zentools grid layout

Zentools grid source

Zentools grid settings

In addition to the above settings you need to apply two module classes to enhance the display.

Zentools grid module class

  1. Navigate to the Advanced settings module tab
  2. Enter "primary nomargin" as the module classes.
    • nomargin further enhances the layout by remove unneeded margins from the module area.
    • The primary class ensures that the background of the boxed item is set to a dark transparency so that the background color of the row underneath will display.

Blue band of colour beneath the three items

The demo uses the primary-row-nomargin style which uses the colour set in the @primary value at the top of the theme panel.

Comfort for you settings