Announcing: - a style guide for the Build.r template

One page

The one page menu option transforms your main navigation into a one page menu system which allows the user to smooth scroll to various anchor points on the page.

The menu is automatically created when you add a module to a specific position and the menu title for that position is not blank in your template settings.

Menu items link to rows of modules

Each Zen Grid Framework v4 (ZGF4) theme is divided into a number of different rows of modules. The typical layout for these modules is as follows:

  • top
  • header
  • menu
  • banner
  • grid-block-1 (grid1 - grid4)
  • grid-block-2 (grid5 - grid8)
  • grid-block-3 (grid9 - grid12)
  • maincontent
  • grid-block-4 (grid13 - grid16)
  • grid-block-5 (grid1 - grid4)
  • grid-block-6
  • bottom
  • footer

One page menu links correspond to the following rows of modules:

  • Home - top, header, menu
  • Banner - banner
  • Grid1 - Grid1 to Grid4
  • Grid2 - Grid5 to Grid8
  • Grid3 - Grid9 to Grid12
  • Main - Main content area
  • Grid4 - Grid13 to Grid16
  • Grid5 - Grid17 to Grid20
  • Grid6 - Grid21 to Grid24
  • Bottom - Bottom 1-6 and Footer

As an example, to have a menu that links to the banner, grid-block-1, grid-block-4 and bottom modules you would need to:

Publish a module to

  • banner
  • grid1, grid2, grid3 or grid4
  • grid13,grid14, grid16 or grid16
  • bottom1, bottom2, bottom3, bottom4, bottom5 or bottom6.

As well as ensure that the banner, grid1, grid4 and bottom menu items had titles in the template settings as per the screenshot below.

Onepage menu settings

Onepage Menu Settings