Announcing: - a style guide for the Build.r template



Acronym for the Zen Grid Framework v4.

Template settings

The control panel for the template found in the Joomla administrator by navigating to extensions > template manager > edit


A subpart of the template. A theme loads any style reference that is passed to the Less compiler. Themes are located in the settings/themes folder and are named as per the following theme.theme-name-example.json

Template Style

This is a Joomla term that means an instance of a template. Joomla has the capacity to create numerous styles based on a single template. ZGF4 based template styles include all settings including theme and non theme settings.


Less is a preprocessor for CSS. It's a language that allows for the use of variables and mixins as precursors to the compilation of a css. Less files need to be compiled into css in order to be read by the browser unless additional techniques are used.


A development mode that allows for the loading of less files within the browser.