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Zen Shortcode Effects

Adding effects and using additional classes for Shortcode icons.

v1.3+ of the plugin allows the user to specify some of the options seen on the Font Awesome examples page.

To take advantage of the effects in your content you need to follow the syntax specified below.


A real world example of this may look like the following:

{zen-heart}spin|3x:This is my content{/zen-heart}

Add that code to your content item will result in a heart icon being rendered on the page that also spins and is 3 three times the size of the standard font size for that tag. In addition to the words "This is my content" would be rendered after the icon.

Please Note: Effects need to be separated using the | symbol. Content must be preceded by the : symbol.

Advanced delimiter option

This is an option that was added to v1.4.0 of the plugin.

Enabling this option changes the delimiter to ||| rather than the default delimiter which is |.

To enable this go to the extensions manager in your Joomla site and edit the Zen Shortcode settings.

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