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This is the changelog for the Zen Grid Framework v4. The framework is a folder of files that are included in each ZGFv4 based theme. When a theme is updated the framework is automatically updated. The changelog below is a record of changes made to the framework.


First themes started to be rolled out with this update on 16th Nov, 2015.

New Features

  • General template overrides can now be found in the zengrid/html folder. Templates released before this version will need to be updated with this fix and in most cases the template's html/com_content remains unaffected
  • Allow the user to override the default positions.json by adding their own to the templates/your template/custom/positions.json


  • Improved display of offcanvas transition.
  • Adds home icon to social icons fields
  • Adds first-level class to top level menu items
  • Add 500px icon to social icon field
  • Improved handling of toggle menu on touch devices
  • Adds get images from main images folder field
  • Improved display and functionality of com_config views
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.4
  • Menu headings now use default pointer rather than link cursor
  • Improved offscreen menu detection and display
  • Adds js to retrieve image captions
  • Add missing label styles
  • Improved handling of empty values in less compiler
  • Adds table-hover style
  • Improved display of login, register, reset and remind views
  • Removes unnecessary bootstrap markup
  • Better organised joomla specific less in zengrid folder
  • Improved display of module sin a menu


  • Fixed various bootstrap2 and bootstrap3 display issues
  • Fix for dropdown menu visibility
  • Adds missing zen-icon class to login overrides
  • Fix duplicate display of page headings
  • Fix template width not exactly matching setting sue to miscalculation of -ve margin
  • Fix for min height input on select boxes
  • Fix extra closing div in html override for user pages
  • Adds missing clear fix to article content
  • Fix icon-remove icon in edit screen
  • Fix missing save and cancel icons on edit form
  • Fix font icon font size for BS
  • Fix compiler not working if placeholder html file in root
  • Remove @gutter from mean menu module
  • Change bottom margin on forms to 10px rather than use @gutter
  • Fix display of chosen dropdowns on edit screens
  • Fix modal being applied to all modal elements
  • Adds missing glyphicons white
  • Fix .hide hiding everything
  • Fix com_finder display error
  • Fix missing variable in html overrides


  • Remove gutter variable from .control-label and replace with 10px margin
  • Make sections clear properly
  • Fix bottom margin on forms elements
  • Adds default smart search styling;
  • Fix sticky nav jumping
  • Adds ability to override overview panel
  • Fix no margin on tablets and phones


  • Default for get images input
  • Adds get image input field
  • Fix mime type for js compressor
  • Fix background fixed images
  • Fix missing search icon
  • Fix color of close button for alerts
  • Update less.js to v2.5


  • Change module chrome for modules in menu to zendefault
  • Fixes fonts not loading if using subset.
  • Fix link to zgf4 page
  • Adds glyph icons to bootstrap2 options
  • Carets now use default link colour
  • Fix double slash in assets files


New Features

  • Add less maps and improve compiler
  • Adds new social icons fields


  • Add max-width to iframe
  • Fix clearfix mixin
  • Add backstretch to library files
  • Adds @path variable for compiler
  • Updates social icons to also include envelope, user and search icon classes
  • Adds notice if user is using admintools pro
  • Adds a safety if user adds none as css field in colour chooser


Fix for Joomla 3.4 compatibility


New Features

  • Adds get_files field for display files in a select box. use type="get_files" folder="your_folder" target=".php" show_empty="0"
  • Adds new row_style class. Retrieves styles in the less/styles folder and applies the class to the main row.
  • Adds image resize field, helper and lib
  • Adds more hooks to html class. language, rendered layout and specified layout, .responsive-disabled


  • Adds alert-message for framework alert styles
  • html selector now uses width:100% in reset
  • Responsive code is now wrapped in .responsive-enabled class
  • Fix widths for bootstrap checkbox and radio buttons
  • Check folder exists in main get_files class
  • Adds cursor pointer for toggle menu
  • Adds pad-push-col and pad-pull-col classes
  • Improved check main layout function
  • Adds missing bootstrap responsive classes
  • Adds getMainLayout function
  • Check mobile detect class already loaded
  • Add system variable for loading assets with doc or as links.(custom.css now definitely loads last)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix google fonts not loading when using https and not using font loader
  • Left align menu items using zen center
  • Fix responsive stacked menu
  • Fix checkbox setting not saved if changed form default
  • Fix not being able to compile rgba less values
  • Fix chz z-index
  • Fix animate and font awesome not available in dev mode
  • Fix for warning regarding object for params check-


  • Adds new folder layout field for upcoming Focus2 template
  • Remove padding and margin on footer .zen-container to compensate for footer now displayed as a spotlight
  • Prevent custom asset function outputting empty script tags
  • Adds min-height variable to select boxes
  • Adds subheading field for settings
  • Adds folder icon for modal screens
  • Rename default config and default theme files to settings/default-config.json and settings/default-theme.json
  • Fix offcanvas visible on all screens
  • Move btn mixin out of framework
  • Adds file and folder libs to main zen class
  • Adds Joomla language to body class
  • Adds onepage menu to body class
  • Adds no change option to layout tool to prevent collapsing of modules at breakpoints
  • Adds container, tablet max width variables for the container
  • Fix undefined variables when loading new layouts
  • Prevent warnings when copying a template
  • Replace preset folder name when loading new settings
  • Fix z-index on menu
  • Fix border-color for inputs


  • Fix pencil not showing for jmodedit icon.
  • Fix Base Font compile issue.


  • Renamed zen folder to zengrid to avoid Site Ground reserved name issue
  • Appends current time to json file to avoid cache
  • Sets post rather than get for posting Theme data


  • Appends version number to admin assets via a variable
  • Fix disappearing module rows in layout tool if only one item left in row
  • Optimised save routine
  • Change language for default style for load settings dropdown
  • fix menu assignment not getting saved


  • Adds clearing for tab-content
  • Fix typo for load settings
  • Change the display for style overview
  • Compile button change
  • Adds versioning to assets to avoid cache
  • Improved save routine
  • Admin improvements
  • Fix save and close not closing
  • Fix bs3 incompatibility with inputs
  • Fix message box not re-appearing when load settings
  • Improved language for template.css enabled.
  • Devmode and template.css warnings are now dynamic.


  • Removes need to refresh page when clicking save to save changes
  • Moves message box to top of the page.

Notes - Please ensure you clear your browser cache as the css for the admin has changed.


  • Adds support for custom fonts
  • Fix double quotes added to inputs


  • Change to naming convention for template settings files.


  • Safety check for settings file.


Initial release.