Announcing: - a style guide for the Build.r template

Importing existing template settings

The load settings button in Zen Grid Framework V4 (ZGF4) templates makes it possible to copy the settings from other ZGF4 styles in your Joomla installation, into the current template style. All theme, layout and other template data is copied to the current template style and it's values are replaced.

The select box lists the sample settings that come with the template as well as any other copies (styles) of the template's you have created in your site.

How to apply a saved style

Select the style you want to apply.

Choose a style

Click the "Load saved settings" button

Click the button

You should see a success message

Success message

The select box reverts to it's default state

Default message

After following this process ensure you save your settings. The settings are then saved to the settings/config/config-[your template id].json